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Northern newspaper industry improves its core competitiveness through reform and characteristic management

recently, northern Newspaper Printing Co., Ltd., the largest joint-stock printing enterprise in Tianjin, was officially established. The company is formed by 7 state-owned enterprises, including Tianjin newspaper group, Tianjin Agricultural Reclamation Group Corporation, Tianjin newspaper printing center, Tianjin No. 3 construction engineering company and tonight media group

change the development mode

as soon as we walked into the door of the company, two small things immediately aroused our curiosity

first, in the newspaper printing workshop, there are eight singing paper feeding robots that are automatically transporting tons of printing paper from the warehouse to the printing machine. According to the company's technicians, it is rare to use robots to transport paper in newspaper printing enterprises across the country

first, in the factory area of the company, there are not only small bridges and flowing water, ducks and geese playing, but also green grass and trees full of apples and pears

two pictures show the progressiveness of the company's production equipment and the humanization of the company's management. Adhering to the joint-stock reform and characteristic management is the secret of northern Newspaper Printing Co., Ltd. to greatly improve its core competitiveness. Yu Jianjun, general manager of the company who accompanied the interview, said

the predecessor of northern Newspaper Printing Co., Ltd. is Tianjin Newspaper Printing Co., Ltd. established in 2005. In order to implement the joint-stock reform carried out by the Tianjin municipal Party committee and the Tianjin municipal government as soon as possible, actively introduce partners, absorb social funds, and form the deployment of economies of scale, and implement the joint-stock reform in accordance with the standardized requirements for the establishment of a modern enterprise system, after more than four years of preparation, seven units, including Tianjin newspaper group, were finally the sponsors of the joint-stock reform, Tianjin Newspaper Printing Co., Ltd. was changed into northern Newspaper Printing Co., Ltd

it is reported that the company has a total investment of nearly 400million yuan and total assets of more than 500million yuan. The main businesses of northern Newspaper Printing Co., Ltd. are newspaper printing and commercial printing. It will take newspaper printing as the leader and commercial printing as the new growth point, based in Tianjin, serve the Bohai rim, and strive to become a well-known listed printing enterprise in northern China in 3 to 5 years. The company will invest 100million yuan in the near future to introduce the world's advanced German Manroland printing equipment to achieve 24 full-color overprint

Yu Jianjun said that the company will continue to optimize resource allocation and product structure, change development mode, improve operation efficiency, strive to realize the transformation from traditional system to modern enterprise system, from traditional technology to digital technology, and from quantity to quality, and strive to become one of the most competitive listed companies in China's newspaper printing market

pay close attention to characteristic management

over the past four years, the company has insisted on implementing characteristic management for enterprises. According to the requirements of the newspaper publishing process, the production efficiency will be greatly improved from printing, publishing, printing to printing. The rotation workshop fully relies on the enthusiasm of the captain, technical backbones and employees to strengthen the maintenance of equipment and make every effort to ensure the timeliness and quality of printing. In the face of the severe situation of tight personnel, non-stop equipment, long-term continuous operation and high failure rate, the machine repair workshop overcame all kinds of difficulties, strengthened equipment maintenance and emergency repair, and made the intact rate of equipment reach a high level. The prepress plate making and paperback workshops actively cooperate and provide services. Through the improvement of plate making process, the process quality and work efficiency have been greatly improved. In the second half of 2008, the printing time of Tianjin and daily news was 49 minutes and 46 minutes earlier than that of the second half of 2007, respectively, creating conditions for the early delivery of morning newspapers

everyone works together in terms of printing quality. Under the condition of tight equipment, aging parts and no overhaul, the coarse grain is carefully worked and kept improving, so that the printing quality of Tianjin has achieved a new leap on the basis of maintaining the original high-quality level in the national newspaper printing quality evaluation

the company's annual total production exceeded the 1.5 billion yuan mark, reaching the best level in history, and there were no accidents in production throughout the year. It can be said that the safety production of newspapers and the guarantee of printing quality are the characteristic management of the company

pay attention to talent training

the leadership of the company believes that people-oriented is the core requirement of the scientific concept of development, and talent construction is the basic construction of the core competitiveness of enterprises. For this reason, the company regularly studies talent training and technical training, establishes a talent training leading group, and formulates a complete set of training planning and assessment, promotion, reward and punishment mechanism

workshops and front-line teams and groups organize skilled and capable technical backbones to carry out technical docking and transmission, help and lead activities post to post and person to person. Build a platform for young employees to lead them to display their talents and skills. Make full use of opportunities such as installation, emergency repair of equipment, maintenance, machine operation, technical breakthrough, small-scale transformation, small leather, etc., to show the great role of technical capacity in production, and highlight the great potential of technical level in printing production

it is bound to expand the professional pursuit of mastering skills of foam granulator and create a glorious environment for learning technology. At the launching ceremony of the first apprenticeship, six pairs of teachers and apprentices were handed down from generation to generation, making learning technology, practicing skills and being able to become a fashion pursued by employees, especially young employees. Not long ago, the company cooperated with the training center of Tianjin human resources and Social Security Bureau to run vocational skills qualification training courses covering printing, electricity, refrigeration and other majors. More than 150 employees passed the training examination and received qualification certificates. Now, an atmosphere of learning knowledge, learning technology, practicing skills and striving for advancement has been formed in the company. The improvement of the overall quality of the cadre and staff provides a solid guarantee for the safe production of newspapers

decompose management indicators

the company adheres to the system based and vigorously strengthens the system construction. 132 management regulations such as safety production system and quality evaluation system have been formulated, modified and improved. With the continuous improvement of the system construction, it has not only achieved rules to follow, rules to follow, orderly production and product safety, but also gradually developed a good career for employees. Generally, the completion of the main structure is backward. Ethics, professional behavior and professional innovation are the habits of an innovative industrial group from Germany

in the implementation of management, the company adheres to the principle that management produces benefits, decomposes management indicators, refines management contents, and strictly controls production costs and human recruitment. Over the past year, the company has focused on saving and reducing consumption, promulgated and implemented the regulations on machine paper management, paper saving award, edition saving award distribution and implementation plan, and paid close attention to the saving and reducing consumption of paper, plates and auxiliary materials. Workshop and front-line workers worked hard, calculated carefully, and their enthusiasm was high. Through hard work, significant progress has been made in saving paper, plate materials and auxiliary materials throughout the year, and various costs have been continuously reduced, which has been fully affirmed by the leaders of Tianjin newspaper group

care about the lives of employees

the leadership of the company believes that the core of enterprise management must adhere to people-oriented, and caring for the lives of employees is the most in place management. Following the basic work idea of sharing development achievements with employees, the company has listed the things that employees are most concerned about and most looking forward to on the important work agenda, and worked hard to do practical things well and do good things

the company is located in a remote area. In order to ensure that employees have meals, an employee food management committee has been established to regularly study meal management. Make full use of the green space, promote the green vegetable planting plan according to the growth cycle, and supply all the picked vegetables to the staff canteen, so that the staff can eat fresh, green and healthy. At the same time, we also paid attention to improving the working and living environment of employees, built a laundry room for employees' uniforms, equipped freezers and vending machines for front-line employees, implemented the system of paid leave for employees, and significantly reduced the threshold for entrepreneurship, so that employees' affairs are managed by others and they are helped when they encounter difficulties

in addition, the company also organized a variety of cultural and sports activities such as table tennis, badminton, basketball, chess and cards, employee painting interest groups, and also organized various ways of learning and observation, visits, reading, fitness and other activities beneficial to the physical and mental health of employees, which effectively enhanced the mutual communication and exchange between employees, united the team, condensed strength, and enhanced the team spirit of the enterprise

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