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According to the 2012 annual report, none of the five industrial branches and subsidiaries of Beidahuang lost money that year. With these subsidiaries, the performance of Beidahuang, which has a cost free contracting fee income of 2billion yuan, suddenly becomes negative. As a result, they were dubbed monsters that bore insects and ate Tang Monk's meat

in the annual report, the reasons for the huge losses of five industrial branches and subsidiaries were attributed to external factors such as the rise in the price of raw materials and the decline in sales volume. However, it is understood that the loss is closely related to internal operations. Taking Beidahuang paper industry as an example, the internal staff accused it of overstaffing and serious waste for a long time. According to the investigation of Beijing News, Beidahuang Paper Co., Ltd. stopped production in August and September last year. Up to now, the news has not been disclosed

with the recent announcement of restructuring, several branches and subsidiaries have stepped on the guillotine of being stripped off. How to promote this restructuring will matter whether the northern wilderness, which was once expected to have a market value of 100 billion, can revive the prince

Beidahuang paper lost 1000 yuan per ton.

now, Wang Chunming (a pseudonym) can only haunt the labor market and do odd jobs. I have no choice but to live. The former employee of Beidahuang paper said

he received the notice of waiting for post in August and September last year. This is the fate of all the factory workers. According to him, the number of workers waiting for work in the whole factory is about 1000

a person in charge of the factory also confirmed that the paper company has indeed stopped production, and it is hard to say whether or when it will resume production in the future

this paper mill, built in 1958, is considered to have come to the end of its life. According to another waiting worker Zhang Jun (pseudonym), Beidahuang paper industry is mainly engaged in cultural paper, with an annual production capacity of 40000-50000 tons. In 2003, it was injected into Beidahuang, a listed company

Zhang Jun said that the reason why the factory leaders told them to stop production was that the market was bad. According to the annual report of Beidahuang, the paper company achieved a revenue of 130million yuan and a loss of 79million yuan last year, which was mainly due to the decline of gross profit and the increase of expenses

both Zhang Jun and Wang Chunming do not fully agree with this statement. Zhang's reason is that after the paper mill stopped production, many workers went to work in small paper mills nearby and found that their benefits were actually good. He analyzed that there are many reasons for the poor efficiency of Beidahuang paper industry, such as low product grade and quality, lack of market competitiveness, high cost and chaotic management

according to Zhang Jun, the papermaking cost of Beidahuang paper industry is more than 6000 yuan/ton, but the market quotation is 4. The exclusivity of environmental experimental conditions. Each time the environmental or reliability experiment is carried out, it is more than 5000 yuan per ton, and a loss of 1000 yuan per ton

a worker who did not want to be named said that it was also a ton of paper, and the salesperson quoted 5400 yuan/ton, but some customers could get it at a price lower than 5000 yuan/ton through relations

a report letter said that the chlorine, coal and other raw materials purchased by Beidahuang paper industry were higher than the normal market price. Among them, when the purchase price of chlorine is high, it is hundreds of yuan higher than the market price per ton

in terms of management, Zhang Jun said that many managers obviously lack the ability to control the enterprise. In Wang Chunming's view, some leaders do not understand production and are overstaffed from top to bottom. For example, two years ago, after the death of a leader's family, many workshop managers ignored production and went to the funeral

there are many equipment in the factory, but they have not produced benefits. Zhang Jun revealed that the expression was: mass wear = original size of the sample - size after wear. Equipment such as extruder and paper machine speed-up cost tens of millions of yuan, but none of them succeeded, and they all became a pile of scrap iron

is terminally ill. Zhang Jun said that all kinds of strange diseases are deeply welcomed by new and old users. If the enterprise operates well, it can't be justified

many workers said that Beidahuang paper had promised to pay employees 620 yuan per month according to the minimum standard of Jixi City when they were waiting for work. But since March this year, they have never received this 620 yuan

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