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In March, XCMG loader market reported good news frequently

the spring equinox arrived, everything was updated, and the market front-line reported good news frequently, and the popularity was not reduced. The promotional gifts XCMG loader gave back to customers won a good market response. March will be the end of spring, ushering in April, and the process of XCMG loader market development is still increasing

looking back on the whole March, XCMG loaders carried out 125 promotional activities across the country, with a cumulative turnover of hundreds of millions of yuan

chasing the Central Plains

on the Central Plains, mines and sand yards are in full swing, and infrastructure projects are booming. In March, XCMG loaders held 16 large and small promotional meetings in the Central Plains region, with an average of more than 150 customers per meeting. The atmosphere at the scene was high and orders kept coming

Anyang conference site

before the conference, customers gather near XCMG loaders in the outdoor exhibition area to carefully check the body details and ask the staff about the equipment performance parameters. More customers entered the cab to test drive XCMG loaders, which are famous for their "comfort", and could not help praising them: "the sound insulation effect is really good", "the seats are very comfortable" and "the handle operation is really convenient"

Anyang conference site

the Central Plains region is one of the important strategic markets for XCMG loaders. After decades of intensive cultivation, the brand of XCMG loaders has long enjoyed a good reputation in the Central Plains, especially after the "post market +" two policies were put forward, which caused strong repercussions. Only in March this year, the accumulated transaction amount was nearly 70million yuan

Linfen conference site

fight in the Northwest

go deep into the northwest inland. XCMG loaders have passed through 16 cities such as Lanzhou, Xining, Urumqi and Suide in just 30 days. In the hearts of customers in the northwest region, XCMG loaders with "leading technology, indestructible use and making handicrafts" are the first choice. The market feedback is good all the way, with a cumulative turnover of more than 48million yuan

the outdoor exhibition area of Urumqi conference

the indoor venue was full of guests. The staff made a detailed interpretation of "XCMG Loaders' seven features and can add and repair formula 2 by themselves, which will ensure good breakpoints and drive control system to improve the consistency of test data". Through the comparison of new and old products and the analysis of applicable working conditions, customers have a more intuitive understanding of XCMG Loaders' product performance. The wonderful artistic performance during the conference won applause from customers. The exciting lottery session finally brought the meeting atmosphere to a climax, and the signing continued in the warm atmosphere on the scene

Lanzhou conference site

XCMG loaders with seven characteristics of "advanced, reliable, energy-saving, efficient, comfortable, convenient and 30% more shovels" have been fully exploring the Northwest market for many years. XCMG large tonnage loaders are favored by customers. Dozens of XCMG large tonnage loaders are busy in the production line of sand and gravel, cement, mining and other industries, Five tonnage loaders of Xugong University, which have just been signed at this month's promotion meeting and will produce a large negative wind pressure on the wall, have been delivered to customers and will soon be put into use to contribute to the development of the region

Suide conference site

activities in various regions are in full swing

Northeast Region - Huolinguole conference site

North China Region - Xingtai conference site

East China Region - Wuxi conference site

South China Region - Hainan conference site

central China Region - Macheng conference site

Southwest Region - Pu'er conference site

eight regions are forging ahead together, adding momentum to the market

in 2019, XCMG loaders will focus on "performance improvement, quality improvement and post market improvement", comprehensively upgrade products and services, and widely promote them in eight regions across the country, continuously providing strong power for the market

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