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XCMG loaders make another success in the Southeast Asian market

recently, XCMG loaders made another success in the Southeast Asian market, winning orders for 90 loaders from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries and regions. Mr. yangdongsheng, vice president of XCMG machinery, signed a contract with Indonesian dealers on site. The signing and implementation of this project fully reflects the international influence and competitiveness of XCMG brand, and also reflects the confidence and support of XCMG dealers for XCMG's development

XCMG loaders have made another success in the Southeast Asian market

as an important market of China's "the Belt and Road" strategy, the Southeast Asian market is also the frontier for XCMG loaders to move towards overseas markets. XCMG shovel transport machinery division has improved the products according to the customers' working conditions in the Southeast Asian market, and launched a special tray of the same type with the same number produced by the in mold labeling (IML) injection molding technology in the high heat and high humidity environment, which is 51.60 euros, meeting the needs of different customers. At the same time, XCMG shovel and transport machinery division strengthened the construction of overseas post market, established spare parts centers in Southeast Asian hot spots, and allocated special overseas service personnel to provide regular services for customers, which won high recognition from customers. Generally, only a few groups

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