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XCMG machinery: win in the five core competitiveness

is committed to building the first blue chip stock with the most return value in the field of China's construction machinery. The net profit of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2016 increased by 268.05% to 200million yuan year-on-year, and the profit in the first quarter of 2017 was 200million yuan, a sharp increase of 1809.98% year-on-year. From 2011 to 2016, the domestic construction machinery market experienced five years and four months of continuous decline, and the market capacity shrank to less than one third of the high point; Under the continuous low tide, the operation demand of the vast majority of industrial enterprises is to survive. A large number of enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain either quit or fell down. Under the background of the new normal economy, supply side structural reform and the long-term downturn of the construction machinery industry, XCMG's performance has improved and increased significantly. To a certain extent, it can be said that XCMG has won in its five core competitiveness

build an excellent group of entrepreneurs

the famous economist Schumpeter said that entrepreneurs are the king of economic growth. In the final analysis, the competition among enterprises is the competition of talents, especially the core management team and entrepreneurs

adhering to the concept of "talents are the most precious wealth in the enterprise", XCMG has made great efforts to build an excellent entrepreneur group. The company has strengthened the education and training of entrepreneurs in terms of business philosophy, management expertise, management skills, business decision-making, values, professional ethics, etc., so as to make them high-quality business operators; Actively innovate the selection mechanism, broaden the channels for talent growth, select excellent talents to leadership positions by means of organizational assessment and open competition, exercise in work, grow and mature in exercise, and a group of entrepreneurs with strong dedication and awareness, modern management knowledge and innovation awareness have become one of the company's core competitiveness

at present, the management of the company led by Chairman Wang Min has an average of 30. Because of its many years of industry management experience, it has a deep understanding and forward-looking thinking on the development of the industry, and has excellent management and execution ability. After many rounds of industry cycles, the management has formed a deep understanding of the Chinese and global construction machinery market and customer needs

take on great responsibilities, walk the road and become a great thing

whether you are a man or an enterprise, small success depends on opportunities and big success depends on culture

"XCMG" brand is one of the most influential construction machinery brands in China, with profound historical accumulation. The company is also the first Chinese construction machinery enterprise to explore the international market. In the domestic and foreign markets, "XCMG" brand has broad brand recognition. XCMG machinery insists on encouraging and cultivating the enterprise spirit of "being strict, down-to-earth, progressive and innovative", and advocates the enterprise core values of "taking on great responsibilities, walking the road and achieving great things". Byk-c 8003 company adheres to the corporate culture of integrity and win-win results externally. It adheres to integrity and win-win results in dealing with the company's shareholders, customers and suppliers, and has a good reputation in the market

leading products

the most basic value of an enterprise is to meet customer needs with products and services

China's construction machinery industry is in a relatively mature stage of development due to fierce competition. XCMG Machinery Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in China's construction machinery industry. It ranks among the top in the main business income of the domestic construction machinery industry. It is one of the companies with the most diversified and complete product varieties and series among the national construction machinery manufacturers, and the domestic market share of a number of core products ranks first or in the forefront

with more than a thousand products, XCMG has the ability to provide customers with complete sets of solutions, and is relatively defensive against industry fluctuations. The company has a specialized host production system and R & D and manufacturing capacity of core components. The production scope covers more than 80 different product types of 9 product categories. The products have high technical content, high barriers to entry and high market share. Most product categories contain multiple product series, which can meet the needs of different customers

2016, XCMG's Hoisting Machinery Division continued to rank first in the industry, with a market share of 62.7% for super large tonnage wheel cranes above 130 tons; Although the loader market share of the shoveling machinery business division was first achieved in 1967, it was able to make full use of it; The road machinery division has maintained the competition pattern of No. 1 in the domestic industry and No. 4 in the global industry. XCMG has a solid position in the foundation piling machinery industry, won the first prize of national enterprise management modernization innovation achievement, and was awarded the single champion demonstration enterprise of manufacturing industry by the Ministry of industry and information technology together with XCMG heavy; XCMG's environmental income increased by 1.6 times, and three of the four categories of environmental sanitation equipment ranked among the top four in the domestic industry. The company ranked first in the military engineering machinery assembly industry in the year, and a number of military products included in the pre research military product development project of the Military Commission entered the prototype trial production; After breaking through the post market business, the annual revenue from spare parts and second-hand car disposal increased significantly year-on-year. The post market business accounted for more than 10% of the main revenue, which became a new volume business

also in 2016, XCMG strengthened the shaping of quality culture, implemented the 2020 quality standard improvement plan, and promoted the significant improvement of product quality and brand reputation by focusing on intelligent manufacturing and intelligent interconnected product innovation; For example, through the implementation of the ultra early half reduction project, the ultra early quality feedback rate of wheeled cranes has decreased by more than 20%, and the overall quality feedback rate of ton and ton loaders has decreased by 7.9 and 17.9 percentage points respectively

technology leads

science and technology is the primary productive force

as the developer and developer of domestic industry standards, XCMG machinery has the technical advantage of leading the industry. Since 2010, XCMG machinery has won three second prizes of national scientific and technological progress, mastered more than 100 core technologies and obtained more than 1000 authorized effective patents; The company has a globally coordinated R & D network layout, a domestic first-class R & D institution for construction machinery, and a scientific research and development team with strong technical strength. In 2016, he presided over the formulation of 34 national and industrial related standards and 2 international standards

in 2016, 70 kinds of new high-end intelligent Internet hosts and 45 kinds of core components appeared at BMW Shanghai, and XCMG's booth became the most popular booth in the audience; 9 projects won the science and technology progress award of China machinery industry, and the key technology research and industrialization project of walking hydraulic excavator won the first prize; The R & D and construction technology research and application project of Engineering bulk material treatment equipment won the first prize of quality technology award of China Quality Association; The company added 1038 valid authorized patents and 307 invention patents. The oil cylinder of 360 ton mining excavator has been operated in Australia for 8000 hours without fault, which indicates that this core hydraulic component has ranked among the top products in the world and is favored by Australian mine users. Accelerate the construction of the industry's first industrial cloud platform; Implement the construction of global collaborative R & D information platform; XCMG mall went online for trial operation, and the global IOT platform was initially completed; It embeds information technology in the host and uses big data cloud platform to support sales and service personnel to grasp market segments and provide intelligent active services. It has been rated as the best practice unit for the integration of industrialization and industrialization in China by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China

perfect marketing network

good products need strong marketing to effectively realize value and maximize value. XCMG machinery has a perfect marketing network at home and abroad

the company has established an extensive and complete marketing network in the world, and has strong competitiveness in the industry. In China, the company has an extensive distribution and service network consisting of self operated offices and distribution stores (operated by third-party distributors). In addition, the headquarters of the company has also set up a full-time marketing department to carry out targeted direct sales and establish strategic relations with major customers (including large state-owned enterprises). The company's overseas sales network includes overseas third-party distributors and their distribution stores and service centers, and its products are sold to more than 170 countries and regions

in 2016, XCMG's total export volume remained absolutely ahead of the industry due to the sharp decline in industry exports

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