Cloud smart door lock comes out to build smart hom

  • Detail and huitailong technology jointly hosted & The signing ceremony of huitailong strategic cooperation was held at Guangzhou taiguchang yacht club

a heavy rain on the eve of the press conference made Guangzhou feel like autumn in early summer. On the afternoon of May 16, the sky was clear and the river wind was cool. It was a pleasant and good weather., jointly hosted by and huitailong technology & The signing ceremony of huitailong strategic cooperation was held at Guangzhou taiguchang yacht club. Zhang Weifeng, the person in charge of, Chen Hongtian, the chairman of huitailong technology, Xu Zhenzhong, the general manager, Li Yu, the general manager of the smart lock business department and other company leaders as well as more than 50 authoritative media attended and witnessed this historical moment. At the meeting, and huitailong achieved agreement docking, and released the new huitailong cloud smart door lock. The highlight of this cloud smart door lock is that it is connected to the app and interconnected with more smart products in, so as to truly integrate smart home into life and create a more comfortable and convenient smart home life experience for users

the release of cloud smart door locks starts Smart Life at home

first of all, Mr. Chen Hongtian, chairman of huitailong, welcomed and thanked the guests and media friends present, and briefly introduced huitailong company: Guangdong huitailong Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of smart home, life hardware and other products. Founded in 1996, it now has a modern production base of 50000 square meters, and has nearly 1000 franchised stores, thousands of distribution outlets and more than 3000 products in the country. With its painstaking efforts, attention to details and professionalism, huitailong is now full of honors and fruitful. It has not only won the honors of "China AAA enterprise with quality service reputation", "Guangdong contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise for 13 consecutive years", "national building decoration materials science and Technology Innovation Award", but also become the "smart home hardware engineering technology research and development center" and the "standing director unit of China building decoration materials Commission", It has driven the brand development of decorative hardware industry and become an industry leader. It has a leading CNAs certified experimental product testing center in the industry, and the product quality testing is authoritative and reliable

Mr. Zhang Weifeng, head of, briefly introduced's smart ecosystem and its cooperation with huitailong: as the first self-developed cross brand and cross category smart home interconnection platform in China, has won the support of its partners with its open smart ecosystem, working with Philips, Honeywell, Haier, Midea, fontai, Galanz, TCL The devices of hundreds of first-line brands such as Jiuyang are interconnected. Through app, a series of functions such as remote control, interaction and data collection of intelligent devices are realized and huitailong have reached strategic cooperation this time, and the two sides have a high degree of agreement on the concept of building smart life. As the brand strategic partner of Milan Expo, huitailong has actively explored in the field of smart home - from the early smart door lock integrating fingerprint, touch screen password and mechanical key to the cloud smart door lock that can be connected with smart phone released in 2014, and managed the smart door lock with the help of mobile app. Huitailong has made great achievements with years of painstaking efforts. This time, we cooperated with to launch huitailong cloud smart door lock, aiming to provide users with a more simple and easy-to-use door lock experience and create an interconnected smart home ecosystem

Mr. Chen Hongtian, chairman of huitailong, said at the meeting that huitailong and began to cooperate last year, and it took a team of dozens of people a whole year to finally launch the product. Chen Dong said that the reason why he cooperated with and launched cloud smart door locks is that since it and smart phone technologies have matured in 2013, the time is ripe for household products to be upgraded to intelligence; The Internet of things is the future development direction, and smart home is the pioneer. Therefore, huitailong starts from the door lock and aims to do the technology research and development and market expansion of the security of the whole smart home

Mr. xuzhenzhong, general manager of huitailong, said that he was optimistic about the prospects of smart door locks in the future. After solving the pain points of smart door locks, such as high price, poor stability, and no guarantee of after-sales service, consumers' acceptance of smart door locks will be greatly enhanced. Whether it is the door or the room door in the house, consumers will prefer to use smart door locks; Mr. Chen predicted that in three to five years, smart door locks will exceed huitailong's ordinary door locks in both output and sales. The accumulation in the past 20 years will be a period for smart home to enjoy dividends from next year or the following year

landing's "smart home" strategy, smart home goes deep into ordinary people's homes

Mr. Zhang Weifeng, head of, said that this cooperation is also a practical solution of's "smart home" strategy in real life scenarios. "Zhihuijia" strategy represents to become the first platform to implement smart home solutions to the C-end market. The strategy is based on the smart home solutions of With the full technical support of from app, Internet of things technology, big data analysis, open platform and other aspects, will unite partners such as home decoration, real estate, offline integrators and combine various advantages to truly implement the concept of smart home, It has unique advantages in voice control, interconnection, remote control, service and so on

as the most important platform level product of in the era of intelligent hardware, has cooperated with Vanke, country garden, jiazhaoye, Taihe, Dongyirisheng, navigator smart home and many other real estate, home decoration companies and solution providers to enter the home market and create a number of offline smart home experience pavilions, covering many first and second tier cities. In addition, it also cooperates with to actively explore the third and fourth tier city market, promote more users to experience the new experience brought by smart life, and let smart home go deep into the homes of ordinary people! will be the first to promote huitailong cloud smart door locks in the future cooperation with many real estate, home decoration companies and solution providers

establishing an interconnected smart home ecosystem is the goal and pursuit of In the future, will reach strategic cooperation with more partners to jointly create a richer smart home ecological experience




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