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Today, sigma brings you a "Hong Kong Style Light luxury" living space, which is simple and practical. It rationally distinguishes space with calm lines, and does not give up practical functions while pursuing personality

the "light luxury", which is low-key but does not hurt the nobility and elegance, gorgeous and will not generate redundancy, seems to be customized, and has become the best synonym of Hong Kong style

compared with other styles, "Hong Kong light wind" can always be unique with low profile and texture. The essence of Hong Kong style is to create elegance and luxury with metal color and line sense. Various texture stones, mirror stainless steel and other materials are flexibly penetrated, which can always create a unique beauty of Hong Kong style, such as the fashion and brilliance of flowers everywhere

"Hong Kong light wind" with its straight lines, like a smart beam, opens the dimension of space. Under the collision of color and texture, through the reorganization of style and the inheritance of quality, it shows unique and exquisite aesthetics and bearing in the details

clean lines outline the modern pattern

the living space of "Hong Kong Style Light luxury" is simple and practical. It rationally distinguishes the space with calm lines, pursues personality while not giving up practical functions, and is clear in order to meet the unrestrained sensibility of the heart

introverted colors create a low-key space

different from French pastoral and American luxury, Hong Kong Style Light luxury style is mostly low-key and introverted colors, removing the gorgeous burden of miscellaneous decoration. The unified tone processing calmly reveals the minimalist philosophy of life. The application of large-scale basic colors makes the sense of space low, extravagant and elegant. The warm auxiliary colors interspersed occasionally set off the right temperature

high quality raw materials show a delicate touch

"Hong Kong Style Light luxury" is natural, and full respect for material characteristics and collocation also makes it present different levels of texture. The natural wood, the hardness of metal, the softness of leather, the calmness of stone, and the interaction between elements show subtle changes in the light luxury pattern

Sigma's imaginative lines and textures outline the exquisite life ideal along the Seine River and lead a new fashion trend




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