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1、 How to deal with designers:

1 design has a certain discount right. As the weight of the final contract, we must negotiate the price to the end.

2 design has been in the decoration company for a long time, so it is natural to have a certain understanding of the level of each construction team. After you have used all the methods of intimidation and inducement, you must ask him to name the foreman with the best construction quality, and then write it on the contract to let this team work

3 don't listen to the designer tell you his design concept. Be sure to let him implement all the details into the drawings and include them in the appendix of the decoration contract

4 design without going to the construction site is definitely not a good designer. The designer is required to visit your construction site at least twice a week to see whether the design and construction are consistent

second, the way to deal with quality inspection and supervision:

there are quality problems on the construction site. After all, quality inspection and supervision are people of the decoration company, and they will do some explanation work. For example, pine keel is like this, and there is no completely dry keel on the market. When they explain, don't express any opinions. Go home and check the information on the Internet. After consulting experts, find out the truth, and then argue with them

III. ways to deal with workers

give them due respect. If you have any problems, you can talk to their decoration foreman

expert tips:

tips for bargaining with building materials merchants

1 reconnaissance: don't buy any products immediately, even if you must buy them at a glance. Be sure to remember the brand, specification, color, and go to several more stores for comparison. Try to find out the lowest price in continuous inquiry.

2 inducement: the decoration time of each community is about the same. You can propose with the merchant that if you are given a suitable price, you can bring other people in the community to buy it immediately. In this case, what is the quotation he gives you?

3 bargaining: Bargaining should be patient. When bidding for the first time, It should be lower than your budget price. When it comes to the critical moment, add some price to the business appropriately. In this way, everyone can have a relatively satisfactory price

important note: don't really talk too hard about the price of building materials. Taking ceramic tiles as an example, the same batch of ceramic tiles may have three different qualities, first-class products, second-class products, qualified products, and the price is very different. If you are not a professional, you can't see the difference at all. If you bargain too hard, businesses are likely to replace the first-class products you like with qualified products




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