Advantages of providing 25mm composite sound absor

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Advantages of 25mm composite sound-absorbing board rock wool board products are suitable for thermal insulation and sound insulation of industrial equipment, buildings and ships. Rock wool composite board is widely used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power, construction and other industries

advantages of 25mm composite sound-absorbing board

five characteristics of composite rock wool board

1, non-toxic: because the cement composite rock wool board is a non combustible material, is it a toxic gas at 1000 ℃

2, non flammability: its combustion function is A1, which is particularly beneficial, and the fire prevention function of non combustible materials

3, high strength, moderate density, cement rock wool composite board, high impact resistance and pressure resistance, useful for the overall function of forward insulation system

4, the thermal conductivity is moderate, the thermal insulation effect is more outstanding in summer, and the thermal conductivity is basically controlled between 0.05-0.07

5, simple construction: a simple building facade directly pasted after disposal saves manpower and time

processing advantages of rock wool board:

1. Materials are easy to obtain and can be tailored. Rock slag, materials are usually everywhere

2. Less energy consumption and low cost

3. Device advantages: the weight of a single piece of rock wool board can be easily transferred, one person can operate independently, and the raw materials used in the construction and the construction process are non-toxic

matters needing attention during the construction of rock wool insulation board:

1 The facilities and pipelines to be insulated shall be free of any leakage, and the surface shall be dry, free of grease and rust. In order to prevent corrosion, appropriate coating can be adopted

2. In order to achieve the small intention of heat loss Zui, all joints of plate and felt must be closely connected. During multi-layer insulation, the cross joints are probably intertwined to avoid forming a thermal bridge, and the cold bridge must be completely eliminated during cold insulation

3. Rock wool products are used for outdoor insulation or metal or plastic wrapping should be used in places prone to mechanical wear, and pay attention to the joints. If necessary, add colloidal seals, and the stacking of wrapping layers should not be less than 100mm

4. For cold insulation, it is necessary to add a moisture-proof layer on the ice face. When the temperature is extremely low, use rock wool without resin for insulation, and its moisture-proof layer should also be fireproof

5. When the temperature exceeds 200 ℃, it is necessary to add appropriate external protection for insulation, so that the swelling that can occur will not change the thickness and bulk density

6. For the insulation of rock wool products used for large-diameter or flat wall equipment, when the temperature exceeds 200 ℃, heat preservation nails should be added, and the outer protection (400mm away) should be pasted tightly

7. When the insulation target is placed straightly with a proper height, its insulation layer must have a locating pin or support ring, and the distance should not be greater than 3 meters, so as to prevent the insulation material from sliding downward




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