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On November 24, 2016, "Suisen doors and windows 2017 oath conference" was grandly held. All employees of the company and all leaders of Suisen group, members of aluminum door factory production center and wooden door production base attended the meeting

on November 24, 2016, "Suisen doors and windows 2017 oath conference" was grandly held. All employees of the company and all leaders of Suisen group, members of aluminum door factory production center and wooden door production base attended the meeting, and solemnly vowed at the meeting to fully participate in and support this campaign to promote the better development of the company. This is not only a great change for Suisen doors and windows to actively forge ahead and keep improving in the good development status, but also to condense the maximum value of every Suisen people, highlight the glory of an excellent national brand, and become a world-famous door and window manufacturing base. This is the new posture of Suisen doors and windows to the world

eleven years have been extraordinary and fruitful. At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Dai Zhongshui, general manager of Suisen doors and windows, summarized the 11 year development process of Suisen doors and windows from the perspective of Humanities and emotion. Subsequently, President Dai analyzed the current door and window market and released the five-year plan outline of Suisen on site. He pointed out that Suisen is in the transformation stage of development, with new plants; Suisen aluminum door "& quot; Suisen wooden door " Double brand operation and other work have been put on the agenda. We should strengthen our confidence and loyalty goals, focus on production and service, and sales, and devote ourselves to the development tide of the company

in order to better stimulate the work passion of Suisen people, the company specially proposed the goal of increasing the per capita salary by 1000 yuan next year and the salary policy. When the policy was released, President Dai emphasized three " Constantly surpass "e;, Namely "e; Constantly surpass, for the happy life of my family; Constantly surpass, for the honor of yourself and the team; Constantly surpass, Suisen people spread their wings and fly& quot; After Mr. Dai's wonderful sharing, supervisor Xu published " Three angles " And "e; Grateful heart " Thought, he said, let everyone thank their world, social environment and work platform in their work and life, spread positive energy and promote a persistent, serious and responsible attitude towards life. And we should learn to grow up, maintain a modest attitude towards life, and don't be too complacent. Only in this way can we get better and better in work and life. Finally, director Dai Youhong expressed his views on this oath conference. He said that to make this oath a meaning, we should have big goals and small decomposition; Be firm and cooperative; I give priority and find ways; Unite and cooperate to achieve goals

then, all employees and each department also made a commitment oath. Through this time, they shoulder the heavy responsibility of the company, carry forward the spirit of Suisen, carry forward the spirit of action, complete the mission of change, and strive for the revitalization of Suisen and its own improvement. The commitment to drink together, the cups of wine drunk and the handsome bowl thrown on the ground all demonstrate the determination of Suisen people to be determined, fearless and go all out on the journey. I believe that under the leadership of general manager Dai, under the guidance of the executive agency of management change, and with the efforts of all colleagues of Suisen doors and windows, Suisen's 2017 will be a great success and have the most brilliant tomorrow

Suisen market team vows to rise up

Suisen sales team swear yingzi

Suisen aluminum door team swear ing

when the team of Suisen Mumen takes the oath

the oath of all members of Suisen is shocking

at the swearing in meeting

the leaders made an impassioned mobilization

we will go all out

to release the power of the flood and famine

to meet every challenge

we are energetic and energetic

don't hesitate, don't hesitate, move forward bravely

we are passionate

confidently promise every day before the oath

go ahead and fight again! If you don't break the target, you won't return it! As long as we work hard, there will be gains. This Suisen oath conference will be the most meaningful battle call in 2017. Write this special moment into the history of Suisen. At the same time, let's wish that Suisen doors and windows can prosper and become more and more brilliant. Suisen people have always believed that only by breaking the boat, going forward bravely, starting from me and now with perseverance and the team strength of one mind, facing difficulties bravely, and participating in Suisen's cause with full enthusiasm, resolute fighting spirit, and determination to win, will Suisen's tomorrow be more brilliant




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