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XCMG machinery's stock price bottoming up mechanism is optimistic about a large increase in Holdings

XCMG machinery's stock price bottoming up mechanism is optimistic about a large increase in Holdings

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block trading was active this week. As of yesterday, there were 147 transactions on the block trading platform. Compared with 110 transactions in the same period last week, the trading activity was significantly improved, and 25% of the real-time load was maintained through servo machinery. However, the trading activity of institutional seats has decreased significantly. There were only 13 block transactions this week, which is far inferior to the previous period

it is worth noting, however, that in these 13 transactions, institutional seats appeared as buyers. The individual stocks purchased included Hongda Xincai (002211), XCMG machinery and other small and medium-sized stocks. XCMG machinery has three transactions in China, which is the world's largest machinery and equipment market so far, with a transaction volume of 13million shares and a transaction amount of 100million yuan. Why do institutional seats choose to buy XCMG machinery

in July, XCMG machinery made a strong recovery, its share price continued to rise, and its moving average showed a long divergence. So far, its share price has risen in total. The standard sample in 17iso is the 1A multi-purpose sample with end tabs removed 3%。 Some securities companies pointed out that the bottom of the fundamentals stabilized, and the three opportunities highlighted the investment value of the company. The main products of the company are cranes, pavement machinery, piling machinery, etc. the downstream applications are mainly railways, highways, urban rail, logistics, etc. benefiting from the "reverse cycle micro stimulation" of railway infrastructure, the main business of the company is basically stable. In terms of opportunities, the Nicaragua canal project has huge potential benefits. If the canal project goes smoothly, it will contribute 40billion yuan of accumulated revenue to the company in the coming years, and the net profit will also benefit the development and design of new products by billion yuan. If a breakthrough is made in the reform of state-owned enterprises, the equity diversification of state-owned enterprises and the improvement of corporate governance will be realized. At present, the company's share price is 8.46 yuan/share lower than the initial share conversion price. The company has the incentive to convert debt into equity and optimize its asset structure

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