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Leshan power Jiajiang company has spared no effort to cope with the high temperature baking test

since mid July, Jiajiang County has ushered in continuous high temperature weather, the power load in the urban area has surged, and the pressure on the safe operation of electrical equipment has increased. In order to ensure safe and reliable power supply, Leshan power Jiajiang company actively deployed, formulated measures and strengthened, and went all out to deal with high-temperature baking. The employees of all departments of the company stick to their posts, fight against high temperature and heat, and fight hard in the front line of emergency repair and supply, so as to ensure the safe and reliable operation of electricity

since entering the main flood season, in order to deal with the impact and test of urban load overload on electricity, Leshan power Jiajiang company has strengthened the inspection of electrical equipment, carried out infrared temperature measurement, focused on the investigation of key parts such as important power supply facilities, line joints and contact points in the urban area, and eliminated hidden dangers in time. Since July 20, the staff have repeatedly measured the temperature of five main transformer equipment supplying power in the urban area (refer to Wang Jingwu's practical manual of plastic modification technology methods and new formulas and new materials) during the peak hours of the renewable plastic granulator, which uses electricity as the main treatment machine. It was found that the operating temperature reached 80 ° C due to the continuous high temperature and high load. In order to ensure the safe and normal operation of the equipment, the company adopts the method of flushing water for the radiator and placing ice cubes and fans to physically cool the main transformer

the company also strengthened the load monitoring of three substations and transmission lines in the urban area, paid close attention to the load changes, timely transferred the load of overloaded lines, optimized the operation mode of distribution lines, and effectively reduced the pressure of load overload in the urban area. At the same time, the company strengthens emergency rescue preparation, strictly implements the 24-hour duty system, and the power rescue personnel are on standby for 24 hours. They are ready for vehicles, sufficient spare parts and other materials at any time, and strive to eliminate the danger in the shortest possible time

in order to effectively solve the problem of continuous overload of 10kV Yangliu substation in urban area, the company decided to temporarily add a 5000KVA transformer in Xinhua substation. After the transformer is put into operation, part of the load of Yangliu substation will be transferred to reduce the overload pressure of Yangliu substation and ensure the safe and reliable operation of electricity in the whole urban area. There is less than a week from the proposal, implementation of the plan to the completion of the project. It is required to put into operation before August 1. The time is tight and the task is heavy. The members of the distribution maintenance team give up the weekend rest time, work overtime, catch up with the work period and speed up the progress regardless of day and night. At noon on July 28, the cool day was at the head. In the substation, there was a busy scene of hoisting transformers, installing metering boxes and making cable heads. The distribution maintenance team members were sweating in the hot sun. On July 29, the transformer was successfully charged and put into operation

Leshan Electric Power Jiajiang company actively took countermeasures to effectively reduce the power supply pressure in the urban area, improve the power operation efficiency, and meet the normal power demand during peak summer to the greatest extent on the premise of ensuring safety. (ganlichen/picture)

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