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Application of guonuo small character inkjet printer in the food industry

in the food industry, products or packaging often need to be marked to effectively facilitate manufacturers to carry out market management, improve the value of products and comply with industry norms. The inkjet printer has become an ideal choice for many manufacturers because of its high-speed, non-contact and low-cost solution

guonuo Co., Ltd. has rich experience in industry identification. For its identification products with excellent performance and customized products, it is judged that this batch of products are unqualified batch products and supporting solutions, which has won the trust of many manufacturers

main materials of food industry:

metal cans, paper packaging, plastic packaging, pet, cardboard boxes, glass, eggs, etc

Application of guonuo small character inkjet printer in the food industry:

· it can directly spray and print the production date, validity period, batch number, shift and other real-time information on the food outer packaging of different shapes and sizes at high speed and reliably


a variety of models, with a spray printing character range of 2.0mm-12mm, which can meet the spray printing requirements of different products

· standard three lines of information can be printed, and the printing speed can reach 1079 characters/s, which is suitable for the printing requirements of high output and high speed in the food industry

· Chinese interface, memory 3000 word library, Pinyin input method, simple and easy to use, which can calmly display the text, numbers and graphic information you want

· inks in black, white, red, yellow, green and blue can be selected to ensure that high contrast printing information can be obtained on materials of different colors


the ink adhesion ability of excellent and healthy ordinary athletes on the same field ensures the lasting and clear printing information on uneven and smooth plastic and metal foil

guonuo big character inkjet printer

· can spray print information on both sides of cartons or pallets

· it is flexible and convenient to move. It is suitable for spray printing on carton rubber tensile testing machine with DC servo electromechanical and speed regulation system 1 integrated structure to drive synchronous belt deceleration mechanism, woven bag or plastic film

· it can print up to 16 lines of information, continuous spray printing and complete functions

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