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Huawei cloud Zheng Yelai: advantages cannot stop the trend. Technological innovation is the main theme

[China, July 20]

on July 20, 2020, with innovation and inclusive as the theme, Huawei held the Huawei cloud techwave technology summit in the cloud live studio. Based on Huawei's 30 years of ICT technology accumulation and long-term experience in serving government and enterprise customers, Huawei cloud elaborated its mission for the future, provided the best digital infrastructure for intelligent upgrading for government and enterprises, and launched seven new Huawei cloud products, including application platform Roma, EI industrial agent 2.0, gaussdb series new products, data enabling solutions, the world's exclusive double zero loss bare metal containers Real time audio and video service (RTC) and Huawei cloud conference

01. The whole stack of technological innovation enables thousands of industries

the sudden COVID-19 this year has greatly stimulated the demand for digitalization, automation and intelligence in all walks of life. In the era of cloud 2.0, life on the cloud has always become the new normal, and data algorithms and codes have become the core assets of government and enterprises. The changes in all aspects have accumulated. The experimental machine uses the small panel control system to control and collect the original data, which is forming a new trend. The advantages can't stop the trend! The essence of government enterprise intelligence upgrading is to acquire new technologies and develop new capabilities. Cloud services with large-scale and rapid iterative innovation capabilities will provide new momentum for smart upgrading for government and enterprises

how to turn the surging technology surge into a steady stream of industrial upgrading momentum and open more growth space for business development? Huawei cloud provides one cloud infrastructure base based on Optimus architecture, three platforms that enable the digital transformation of the industry, and four industry Scenario Oriented connection contacts, enabling thousands of industries and providing the best digital infrastructure for intelligent upgrading for government and enterprises

Zheng Yelai, vice president of Huawei and President of Huawei cloud business, said:

Huawei cloud through technological innovation, practices technology inclusiveness, creates a black land of the intelligent world, enables thousands of industries, eliminates the digital divide, and lets everyone feel the temperature of technology

1 cloud infrastructure base based on Huawei cloud Optimus architecture: Huawei cloud infrastructure based on Optimus architecture supports three scenarios: public cloud, edge cloud and hybrid cloud, and carries out full stack innovation from chip, hardware to software system. Optimus architecture took eight years to build. Huawei cloud, Huawei cloud stack and Huawei cloud edge are all based on the Optimus architecture. The whole scene of the cloud edge is completed, and one architecture is completed, providing a consistent experience and a consistent ecosystem

3 platforms that enable the digital transformation of the industry: Huawei cloud provides application enabling platform, AI enabling platform, and data enabling platform. Through the cooperation of the three platforms, it helps governments and enterprises connect the physical world and the digital world, enable data, and enable applications

4 industry Scenario Oriented connection contacts: help government and enterprises connect applications, developers, everything and organizations by providing Huawei cloud Roma, devcloud, IOT, Huawei cloud conference and other services

02. Enable applications, enable data, and become the black land of the intelligent world

in 2017, Huawei began its journey to the public cloud. Over the past three years, Huawei's cloud business has driven into the fast lane, with the rapid growth of revenue scale, the number of paying users, and the scale of infrastructure, and the continuous improvement of product competitiveness. At the summit dialogue, Zheng Yelai elaborated the mission of Huawei cloud to enable the application and enabling data of the test specimen to be subjected to axial tension under the action of axial load, so as to be the black land of the intelligent world

enabling applications: strengthen platform capabilities, practice the concept of CO creation, sharing, and win-win cooperation, so that partners' applications can better grow to Huawei cloud, and help partners grow and succeed

enable data: respect customers' data sovereignty, do not realize data, and help customers better process and process data by providing artificial intelligence and big data technology

be the black land of the intelligent world: first, Huawei cloud carries Huawei process it and it services for businesses in more than 170 countries around the world, and most of Huawei's businesses have been on Huawei cloud; Second, provide Huawei's consumer business with a cloud base; Third, Huawei's ICT technology capabilities accumulated in the ICT field for more than 30 years will be used to create an open black land through the deep collaboration of end, edge, management and cloud, provide cloud services to government and enterprise customers, and take the road of differentiated innovation

03. Release of seven new products to accelerate the upgrading of government and enterprise intelligence

this Huawei cloud techwave technology summit, Huawei cloud also officially released seven new products, including:

application platform Roma: from Huawei's own practice, build a digital application platform, realize one application, and enable efficient digital innovation in the industry. Roma has served 2000 + domestic enterprises, completed 150000 + application connections, and has rich industry practical experience

ei industrial agent 2.0: Based on a large number of practical experience, focusing on the integration of industrial mechanism and AI, it can support enterprises to easily develop and share industrial mechanism models, integrate industrial mechanism models with AI, and match the deployment and operation environment of enterprise customer organizations. Huawei cloud announced that it would recruit 50 leading industry know how partners in more than 20 industrial segments to jointly explore and practice 100 factory intelligent upgrading projects

gaussdb series new products: Huawei cloud gaussdb is an enterprise level distributed database built by Huawei based on its ability to develop and optimize database cores, which has been deeply cultivated in the telecommunications, government and enterprise markets for many years, and its understanding of customers' demands for high reliability and high performance, combined with cloud technology. Focus on building gaussdb series new products, including relational and non relational products, with the characteristics of high performance, high availability, high reliability and elastic expansion. The full scene database service opens a new era of database speed and integration

data enabling solutions: create data solutions that span isolated systems, carry business digital twins, and perceive business for enterprises. Multi angle, multi-level and multi granularity mining data value, precipitation of industry data assets, data-driven operation, and help enterprises' digital transformation

second generation bare metal container: This is the world's exclusive double zero loss bare metal container. Based on Huawei cloud Optimus architecture, it has achieved zero loss of resources and performance in the industry for the first time, allowing 100% of server resources to be used for business processing. Compared with the first generation, the overall business performance is improved by 100% and the cost is saved by 30%. At the same time, it also supports the expansion of cross virtual machines and serverless containers, and the expansion of 1000 containers in 30 seconds. It can be widely used in e-commerce, education, social information, finance and other industries, to meet the pursuit of enterprises for extreme performance and extremely high cost, and accelerate the innovation and upgrading of cloud native

real time audio and video service (RTC): quickly provide the industry with high concurrency, low latency, high-definition and smooth, safe and reliable full scene, full interaction and full real-time audio and video services, which are suitable for education, cloud conference, social entertainment and other scenes. Huawei cloud real-time audio and video services have industry-leading audio and video codec technology; Strong network adaptability technology. In weak environments, Huawei cloud real-time audio and video support can still maintain smooth video and calls under 50% video packet loss resistance and 80% audio packet loss resistance; AI media processing capability brings more intelligent audio and video experience

Huawei cloud conference: Huawei cloud conference based on real-time audio and video services has been comprehensively upgraded in technology, experience and business form. It can provide professional audio and video communication experience, 4K ultra-high definition data real-time sharing, 1080p high-definition video communication, 200 milliseconds ultra-low delay, 50% video packet loss resistance, 80% audio packet loss resistance, smooth communication in weak environments, and support interaction among thousands of people, Huge concurrent capacity watched by millions of people. The natural combination with Huawei enterprise smart screen provides the whole scene cloud collaborative experience, wireless screen projection, whiteboard sharing, multi person tagging, real-time translation, automatic minutes, etc., bringing more natural and interactive document and data collaboration

facing the future, Huawei cloud gives full play to the collaborative advantages of cloud, AI and 5g technologies by vacuumizing the vacuum chamber to inject new momentum into the new infrastructure. Combined with nearly 100 best practice projects, Huawei cloud has created more than 30 industry solutions with many ecological partners to help with new infrastructure

Huawei cloud techwave Technology Summit

takes innovation and inclusive as the theme, around artificial intelligence, big data, digitalization of enterprise applications, new generation cloud infrastructure, hybrid cloud, IOT and other topics, discusses the hottest technology topics, lists major new product releases, and starts a real-time ideological collision with the industry masters, enters the cloud experience space, and enjoys the trend technology from zero distance. There are more special day activities in the follow-up, so learn more

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