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Huawei builds a safe and reliable data center machine room for Guizhou smart police cloud

the public security organ is charged with the sacred mission of maintaining social stability, promoting social fairness and justice, and ensuring people's living and working in peace and contentment. There are many departments and types of police. In order to meet the needs of China to achieve dynamic management and combat crime under modern economic and social conditions, strengthen the police through science and technology, and enhance the unified command, rapid response, coordinated operations In 1998, the Ministry of public security proposed to build the golden shield project to combat crime and improve the efficiency of public security work and the level of detection and detection. Since the Guizhou Provincial Department launched the construction of the Golden Shield Project in an all-round way, after years of efforts, the science and technology information department and various business police types have completed a large number of information system construction, providing strong technical support for the development of public security business in Guizhou Province

with the rapid development of global information technology and the arrival of the era of cloud computing and big data technology, it informatization is increasingly closely combined with police business, the continuous increase of police business information systems of Guizhou Provincial Department, and the continuous increase of the demand for information system hardware equipment, various software and data of various departments, so the repeated construction is serious, the resource utilization rate is low, the construction cycle is long, the business system departments are not interconnected, the data interface is not unified Information cannot be shared and equipment management is difficult, which has gradually become the bottleneck of the development of public security informatization in Guizhou Province

in order to promote the informatization construction of Guizhou Provincial Department and further improve the ability and level of maintaining social harmony and stability, Guizhou Provincial Department launched the construction of police cloud data center in 2015

due to limited installation conditions, Guizhou Police cloud data room is deployed in a simple board room. This is a great challenge to the computer room scheme. The traditional data center has strict requirements for buildings, with good wall insulation and high floor height as high as possible. Obviously, the plank house facilities cannot meet the requirements, which brings some difficulties to the initial scheme design. As the world's leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, Huawei has industry-leading technical strength in the field of data center solutions. For the Guizhou Police cloud project, Huawei launched ids2000 green energy-saving modular data center to provide solid hardware facilities for the IT network

id China's shipbuilding industry is also a relatively strong country in the world. The S2000 modular data center centralizes the ups distribution system, air conditioning and refrigeration system, cabinet system, monitoring system, etc. of the physical infrastructure in the module. Through the use of advanced digital control technology, chip technology, and the integration with the current power electronics technology, it realizes the digitization, networking, and intelligence of the entire data center physical infrastructure of Guizhou Police cloud, High efficiency has solved the problems of customers and created a perfect data center solution that can fully meet the business needs

low requirements for the machine room: ids2000 can be installed directly on the cement floor without overhead floor. The minimum requirement is that the floor height of 2.6 meters can meet the installation requirements. The closed cold channel design concentrates the cooling capacity in the channel to cool the server cabinet, and the heat is distributed outside the module. Compared with the traditional room level air conditioner, it reduces the spread of cooling capacity in the whole machine room, thus reducing the energy consumption caused by the poor insulation performance of the board room. The above design features of ids2000 modular data center decide that its installation does not need a professional computer room, which easily solves the problem of Guizhou Police cloud using simple plank houses

rapid deployment: all ids2000 products are modular design, factory prefabricated, simple on-site installation, rapid deployment and short construction period. In the later stage, it can be flexibly and rapidly expanded according to business needs to realize real-time deployment according to growth needs. Guizhou Police cloud business needs are urgent. The first micro module will be delivered soon to carry part of the business online, so as to ensure continuous business. The second micro module will be put into use as the business improves

safe and reliable: ids2000 adopts a highly reliable and redundant system architecture in the modular design of the whole system, which not only provides the redundant architecture of the system, but also provides the redundancy guarantee of components; The modular system can achieve ideal performance without post curing parts. After all, the performance meter greatly shortens the equipment maintenance time. For example, the modular UPS only needs to replace the modules that have failed in recent years, so it can be repaired quickly, so as to provide a more safe and reliable power supply guarantee for Guizhou Police cloud

high efficiency and energy saving: the efficiency of modular UPS is as high as 96%, which saves more power and greatly reduces the pue value of the data center machine room. Adopt closed channels to prevent the mixing of cold and hot airflow, reduce the loss of cooling capacity, and improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system; Applying the most advanced DC frequency conversion technology in the industry, the row level refrigeration and air conditioning close to the heat source avoids the generation of local hot spots, and truly realizes the output of cooling capacity according to the needs of IT equipment, saving energy by more than 30%, providing guarantee for Guizhou Police cloud to build a green and energy-saving data center

intelligent management: open intelligent monitoring and management system platform, big data processing and analysis, IP group mode, to achieve the full life cycle monitoring of the data center, intelligent analysis of energy efficiency and capacity, which not only solves the monitoring of the data center, but also can analyze the energy efficiency of the data center, providing effective data for energy conservation; Through capacity intelligence analysis, solve the rationality of the deployment of new IT equipment in the future; Unified monitoring and management, active prevention, minimizing personnel entering the computer room, simple interface, easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to operate, can not only help Guizhou Police cloud information system to give a fault alarm when there is a problem in the data center, but also can analyze the status of equipment and components in operation in advance, predict the equipment and components that will fail in advance, and replace and repair them in advance. Thus, the monitoring and management of the entire data center is more intelligent

the public security system ensures the safety of the people for the country. The fatigue experiment is widely used in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction and other industries. Huawei ids2000 green modular data center ensures the security for Guizhou Police cloud informatization. Huawei and Guizhou Police cloud work together to consolidate the security foundation and jointly build security construction

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