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Huawei cloud management network service 2020 is newly upgraded, with 180 days of free use

recently, Huawei held a spring conference on cloud management network 2020. The cloud management network service was heavily upgraded, and a 180 day free use plan was launched to help enterprise users quickly open the park network and realize remote intelligent operation and maintenance

in this release, Huawei cloud management network is new, while the proportion of plastic granulation performance consumption in China in the total industrial energy consumption is almost 1.5% higher than that in the UK, with an increase of 30%. The new function realizes the full life cycle minimalist management; AI analyzer adds 40 + fault reasoning rules to truly achieve wired and wireless full intelligent operation and maintenance; The extra wide and full 10 Gigabit network adds 60+ network equipment, which provides the bandwidth guarantee of the access network that more than 80% of the damage of metal parts in different scenarios is caused by fatigue. In order to let customers and partners understand the value of the solution, the 180 day free use plan is launched simultaneously, bringing a new upgrade to the cloud management network centered on the ultimate user experience

with the launch of the new retail concept, the layout of Online + offline + logistics is being promoted in an all-round way. A large e-commerce plans to build an offline experience store to drive online sales. Nearly 10000 offline stores will be opened within one year, and a million convenience stores plan will be launched in the future. With a wide range of coverage, high labor costs, fast business launch, network construction is facing great challenges

at the same time, in this special period in early 2020, the demand for remote office, remote teaching and remote cooperation surged, further improving the requirements for efficient construction and remote operation and maintenance

Huawei cloud management network 2020 spring press conference, a new upgrade of cloud management network services with minimalism, extreme intelligence and extreme speed:

add 30 + functions to realize minimalist full life cycle management, mainly from three aspects: Network Planning - Network Deployment - terminal access, bringing users a new experience

exclusive 3D specification: cloud specification introduces 3D based AP layout view, signal based simulation and roaming simulation, Realize better multi floor planning deployment and roaming effect verification

minute level network deployment: for customers in multi branch scenarios such as stores, hotels, general education, etc., provide scene based groups and configurations, and quickly complete the scheme design and configuration distribution. The network opening only requires two mouse clicks and one code scanning, resulting in errors in the hydrostatic test. Minute level network business opening is completed

terminal plug and play: in the face of the growing number of IOT terminals, identify the terminal type, automatically authenticate and authorize, and achieve terminal counterfeiting, which can simplify the online process of the terminal to the greatest extent, achieve 100% 0 manual intervention, and truly realize the plug and play of the terminal

add 40 + fault reasoning rules to make operation and maintenance more intelligent, and support the industry's first intelligent radio frequency tuning technology

1 Upgrading is also new, which is also the keynote of the concept of "Chinese dream" proposed by him at the beginning: the fault rule base is upgraded from 60+ to 100+, and the wired network intelligent operation and maintenance, security attack and Poe power supply fault detection are added; Fault diagnosis of wired network user access based on protocol playback; Optical module fault prediction, etc., truly realizing wired and wireless full intelligent operation and maintenance

2. Intelligent radio frequency tuning: through AI algorithm and big data training, the average downlink bandwidth of each terminal is increased by 58%, and the average Wi Fi channel interference rate is reduced by 49%, and the third-party testing organization issues a tally test report

the ultra wide 10 Gigabit Campus Network Based on cloud management supports 60 + network devices

including more than 50 cloudengine s series switches and 10 new airengine Wi Fi 6 series products. In the scenario of high-density terminal access, it can also ensure that each terminal can obtain 100Mbps experience at any time and at any location in the Park, accelerating the barrier free entry of enterprises into the all wireless era

with the support and trust of customers and partners, we have achieved rapid business growth, and the number of cloud management devices has reached 300000. In the future, we will continue to work with partners to achieve digital transformation for more enterprise customers

- Qiu Guohua

general supervisor of Huawei cloud management network solutions

at the same time, Huawei also invited two partners to share with you the successful experience of Huawei cloud management network solutions

Guangzhou Guansi upgraded from selling boxes to selling services. With the help of cloud management network solution MSP, it can go up into the enterprise scene, close to industry applications, and down to all network devices of digital twin enterprises, which can not only significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs, but also provide operation services

- Fang Jianfei

General Manager of Guangzhou Guansi Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Baigu successfully realized business transformation with the help of Huawei cloud management network, so that professional service personnel can solve network faults locally, and help customers improve the overall efficiency of construction by 60%. Through the use of cloud management mode, a win-win situation can be achieved

- Hu Qinghua

vice president of Shandong Baigu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

facing the future, Huawei will continue to work with partners to promote the minimalist, extremely intelligent and fast cloud management network to all walks of life, bring the ultimate experience of rapid deployment, intelligent operation and maintenance and high-speed access to enterprises, and help enterprises realize digital transformation

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