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Huawei joins hands with Beijing thinking to promote the joint plan of big data for urban ecological environment based on Kunpeng

[Shenzhen, China, January 19, 2020] recently, Huawei joined hands with Beijing Thinking Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as thinking innovation) to complete the compatibility, performance and high reliability verification of the urban ecological environment big data platform on Huawei cloud stack and gaussdb big data based on Kunpeng processor, And jointly launched big data solutions for urban ecological environment

the solution includes a big data support platform for urban ecological environment based on Kunpeng, which integrates, integrates, stores and manages all kinds of environment related data (including environmental supervision data, IOT time series data, interconnected data, and other commission, office and bureau data) by using technologies such as relational database, data integration ETL, distributed file system (HDFS), distributed computing MapReduce, etc. Relying on artificial intelligence, machine learning, pattern recognition, visualization and other technologies, this paper analyzes the seemingly unrelated and fragmented information in environmental management, as well as the information that reflects the surface phenomenon of a certain aspect of the problem, finds out the trend, builds powerful measurement and control software, finds out the problem, grasps the law, promotes the effective solution of various ecological environment problems, and improves the level of government management decision-making, Realize that the environmental department speaks with data, manages with data, and makes decisions with data

this time, Huawei cloud stack and the idea innovation city level ecological environment big data solution completed compatibility and mutual authentication, adding a high-performance solution for many users who choose government big data solutions. Due to the degradation of rubber and miscellaneous materials, the mold may be stuck. In the future, Huawei will continue to invest in the Kunpeng computing industry, continue to strengthen the business cooperation with the power units T, kg, N, kn with innovative ideas, and provide leading cloud computing, big data products and solutions to serve the information support of government, finance, industry, smart city, safe city, big data from imitation to independent renovation, and the development process of unconventional operations and other fields and industries

certification of big data solutions for innovative ecological environment

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