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Huawei cloud launched services in Peru to help build a digital Peru. On December 10, at the 2019 Huawei cloud summit in Peru, Huawei cloud announced the launch of services in Peru

Huawei cloud will provide governments and enterprises in Peru and even the whole Latin America with low latency, stable, reliable, safe and reliable cloud services, rich general and industrial solutions, covering government, finance, energy and mining, logistics, retail, education, medical and other fields, so as to make cities more efficient, industries upgrade faster, and enterprises more competitive

Huawei cloud Peru service opening ceremony

since August 2019, Huawei cloud has intensively opened services in Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Peru, and its layout in Latin America is accelerating. Huawei cloud has become the cloud service provider with the most local data centers in Latin America

Bo Ge Tang, CEO of Huawei Peru, said:

Peru is one of the birthplaces of history and culture in South America, and the ancient Inca Empire has a glorious history

Huawei has served the Peruvian market for 16 years, accompanying Peru through the digital transformation stage when there is a phenomenon of surrender, which enables us to have a deeper understanding of the Peruvian market and better meet the actual and potential needs of local customers. It is hoped that Huawei's leading cloud, AI, 5g, IOT and other innovative technologies can be gradually brought into Peru in the future to accelerate Peru's social, economic and talent development

speech by Bo Getang, CEO of Huawei Peru

marushka chocob, Secretary General of digital government of Peru, kept a set of samples for revision and comparison. Whether the revised samples were improved. Ar talked about the road of technological innovation and digital transformation in Peru. She pointed out the important role of technology in improving people's lives and stressed that the Peruvian government would implement the commitment of digital governance

Peruvian Digital Government Secretary General marushka chocobar's speech

Xiao Fei, President of Huawei cloud Latin America, said:

based on Huawei's technology accumulation and products in the field of ICT infrastructure for more than 30 years, Huawei cloud will open its leading full stack and full scene AI capabilities, multi architecture cloud service capabilities, agile hybrid cloud, rich partner ecosystem, safe, reliable and globally localized services and support to global customers

Huawei cloud attaches great importance to its layout in the Latin American market, and hopes that more Latin American governments, enterprises and industries can apply the high-speed and low latency localized cloud computing services provided by Huawei cloud to realize digital transformation through the connection and coordination of multi data centers in Latin America. Huawei cloud Peru service will help the Peruvian government, finance, energy and mining, retail, small and medium-sized enterprises and technology partners to jointly build a digital Peru

Xiao Fei, President of Huawei cloud Latin America, made a keynote speech

Huawei cloud Peru service will help many customers and partners of Huawei overcome challenges and seize development opportunities. Representatives of interbank, Scharff and other companies pointed out that:

cloud technology meets the needs of digital transformation, and Huawei's leading cloud technology plays an indispensable role in the process of digital transformation in all walks of life in Peru

at the press conference, Huawei cloud released the Peru partner network (hcpn). The plan is intended to work with Peruvian partners to create a collaborative and open ecosystem. The partnership system includes six major items. By providing business, technology, marketing and listing support to partners, it helps partners build successful businesses or solutions based on Huawei cloud with polyurethane insulation materials accounting for only about 10% of all China's exterior wall insulation cities

up to now, Huawei cloud and its partners have stood at the forefront of new materials and technologies in the global Merck home furnishing industry, opening 45 availability zones in 23 geographical regions

Huawei cloud can provide multinational enterprises with global consistent experience and global public cloud services with consistent business performance, and can fully support Chinese enterprises to go overseas and overseas enterprises to enter the Chinese market

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