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Huawei cloud once again ranks in the leader quadrant of big data management platform

recently, IDC, the world's leading IT research and consulting company, released the latest IDC marketscape: evaluation of Chinese big data management platform manufacturers, 2020 report, which comprehensively evaluated China's mainstream big data manufacturers from three dimensions: capability, market and strategy

with the excellent comprehensive strength and technological innovation support of Huawei cloud fusioninsight, Huawei cloud ranks in the leaders quadrant and leads both in market share and technical strength

Huawei cloud fusioninsight intelligent data Lake realizes the full life cycle management of data acquisition, storage, calculation, management and use. It is the data base of Huawei cloud data enabling scheme. It mainly includes Mrs big data, and cloud services such as travel 1000 or 1200mmdws data warehouse and data Lake Management Center for material elongation exceeding 1000%, helping government and enterprise customers realize one enterprise, one lake, one city and one lake

during Huawei's full connection 2020, it officially released a new generation of intelligent data Lake fusioninsight, which has three hard core capabilities:

01, mrs

let government and enterprise customers continue to evolve under a large, fast, financial and stable cloud native data Lake architecture:

large: support a large-scale cluster of up to 20000 + nodes, and the cluster federation can expand indefinitely

fast: t+0 real-time incremental update synchronization, millisecond efficient real-time OLAP, shortening the analysis link, and realizing real-time data Lake

integration: through hetuengine, we can break the restrictions of multi engine, multi-source and cross region, eliminate data islands, unify SQL interface fusion analysis, and simplify the number of users. National Bi, such as door panel integration module, roof window frame/batten, bumper, car luggage rack, car battery shell/bracket, car seat frame, gear box shell, car exterior mirror frame, car wiper bracket, etc.

stability: support rolling upgrade, There is no need to dismantle clusters and move applications, so that customers can continue to evolve an architecture and have no worries for ten years

cloud native data Lake: make data globally visible through unified metadata; Reduce TCO through enterprise level EC with separation of storage and accounting. Improve big data read and write performance by 30% through high bandwidth concurrency; Through the pulley on the toothed bar and its track, excessive dust and rust big data +ai container can improve the resource utilization in scientific computing, machine learning and AI reasoning

02, dws

provide a new generation of open, full scene analytical data warehouse based on shared nothing architecture, supporting 2048 node expansion capability; The multi-level fully parallel computing engine can schedule massive computing resources, and realize data import and analysis through efficient instruction efficiency; It has multi-level disaster tolerance capability, stable and reliable, offline, semi, and capacity expansion technology, and calmly deal with a variety of capacity expansion scenarios

03, data governance

one stop data Lake governance center helps enterprises quickly build E2E data governance system from data access to analysis, unify data standards, and accelerate data capitalization

Huawei cloud fusioninsight has been invested for 10 years + and has obtained a patent of 500 +; Jinan experimental machine factory double knife manual broaching machine has 30+ open source PMC committees, which have successively opened carbondata, openlookeng and other components

at present, Huawei cloud fusioninsight intelligent data lake has been widely used in government, finance, operators, large enterprises, Internet and other industries. Together with 800 + partners, it serves 3000 + government and enterprise customers in 60 + countries and regions around the world

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