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Huawei and mobile completed the world's first TD

recently, Huawei and China Mobile successfully completed the field test of the world's first flash CSFB to GSM (rim based CSFB to GSM) in a real lte-tdd network, marking that Huawei's "flash CSFB solution" has a mature commercial strip and stores all the results in the database

csfb (CS fallback) technology is a solution to provide voice services for LTE users. It reuses the traditional CS network to provide voice services for LTE users. Compared with the CSFB technology based on 3GPP R8, Huawei flash CSFB solution significantly reduces the end-to-end call delay and provides a better user experience for LTE users. At the same time, through the transformation of the existing CS network, it can provide high-definition voice services for LTE users using flash CSFB

China Mobile has the GSM network with the largest number of users and the widest coverage in the world. The solution of using flash CSFB to fall back on GSM protects China Mobile to the greatest extent when it is in GSM, but the condition for the transformation of the old machine is that the frame part, power system (motor, oil pump) and force application system (oil cylinder) of the original machine must be in good condition. The investment of the operator in deploying early voice solutions in LTE is greatly saved, At the same time, flash CSFB also provides a smooth evolution route for China Mobile to transition to volte in the future

for China Mobile LTE high-end users, the flash CSFB solution provides a shorter call time, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The seamless and fast switching between LTE network and GSM network makes users completely unaware of network switching, which can not only enjoy the high-speed experience brought by LTE network, but also does not affect users' voice call business

this outfield test is a milestone in the commercial process of LTE voice technology. It marks that Huawei's flash CSFB voice solution is a mature and commercially available voice solution, and it also marks that the flash CSFB solution is not only applicable to lte-fdd networks, but also to lte-tdd networks, which will play a demonstration role for the development of LTE voice commercial technology in the industry. Huawei provided a full set of networking equipment including gsm/lte/cs/EPC in this outfield test. This test also marks that Huawei LTE voice solution has the industry-leading end-to-end networking commercial capability

as of Q1 2013, Huawei CSFB solution has deployed more than 40 test commercial offices around the world, serving operators including Telefonica O2 in Germany, EE in the UK, KPN in the Netherlands, M1 in Singapore and PCCW in Hong Kong

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