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Huawei customers won three city awards and three shortlisted awards at the 2020 global smart city conference

Huawei customers won three city awards and three shortlisted awards at the 2020 global smart city conference

-- Shanghai, Shenzhen, Foshan Nanhai District won the award

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[China, Shanghai, November 19, 2020] on November 17, 2020, at the 10th global smart city conference, Huawei customers won three city awards and three shortlisted awards for their innovative ideas and outstanding achievements in the field of smart cities. Among them, Shanghai won the World Smart City Award, Shenzhen won the global enabling technology award for science and technology enabled city fine governance, and Nanhai District of Foshan won the China Economic Award; Tianjin TEDA, Zhengzhou Zhengdong New Area and Huangshan City were shortlisted for the China inclusive and sharing City Award, the innovation concept award and the governance and service award respectively. The simultaneous issuance of many awards not only demonstrates the recognition of the Organizing Committee for the award-winning cities, but also fully reflects the industry's affirmation of Huawei in the field of smart city construction. During the conference, Huawei held a smart city summit with the theme of building urban intelligence and improving comprehensive competitiveness to discuss future urban construction

Yue Kun, President of Huawei's global government business department, said: as the construction and development of smart cities enter the deep-water area, we should review the past, seek truth from facts, and firmly establish a new stage of smart city development. As a new form of urban development in the future, urban agents need to focus on the heartache that the urban core can also accept the instructions of other equipment through RS232 port, adhere to the people-oriented concept, aim at the sense of acquisition and experience of urban service objects, and carry out horizontal connection and process reconstruction. This process includes not only the overall planning of the business system and the five machine collaboration of the technical system, but also the efficient connection of the data system and the sustainable development of the operation system. Only through systematic and systematic construction of our happy home can we build urban agents and create a better urban life

Yue Kun, President of Huawei global government business department

technology helps build a smart city. Shanghai won the World Smart City Award

the development of a city depends on the concept, foundation and pattern of urban construction. Standing in front of the gate of the digital age, Huawei is helping Shanghai build a smart city with technology

in Xuhui District of Shanghai, Huawei and the district urban transportation center jointly use artificial intelligence technology to develop Xuhui 12345 intelligent sensing system to dynamically analyze the relationship between hot topics from the three dimensions of time, space and people. By refining the historical disposal of hot topics into a key model, build a closed-loop whole process of intelligent perception discovery, data analysis and judgment, and human-computer collaborative disposal, predict the trend and risk situation of hot issues in advance, and provide decision support for the efficient disposal of a matter

in the process of building a smart city, Shanghai Huangpu District innovatively put forward the overall goals and construction tasks of realizing IOT, digital and Zhilian. Guided by the top-level design, Huangpu District urban transportation platform will be built by innovating an all-round, all-time, all process and closed-loop operation and management mode. At present, the region has initially built 15 thematic applications in four sectors: public safety, public management, public services and economic operation. In the process of realizing the fine management of super cities, the concept of unified management promotes the urban governance of Huangpu District from digitalization, intelligence to intelligence, and makes the urban area smarter

Shanghai won the World Smart City Award

technology makes life better, and Shenzhen won the global enabling technology award

around the goal of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, a first-class new smart city, Shenzhen relies on science and technology to build Pengcheng intelligence and continuously improve the city's comprehensive competitiveness. Through the construction of 102million chip environmental protection bags in the six systems of public services, public safety, urban governance, smart industry, big data services and perception network, a new pattern of new smart city integration construction from platform, application to smart brain has been preliminarily constructed, which has comprehensively improved the development level of urban governance, public services, industrial development and other fields

Shenzhen has a clear picture of the future wisdom, that is, a comprehensive perception of the picture, a visit to Shenzhen on the 1st, a key to know the overall situation, one-stop operation linkage, one-stop innovation and entrepreneurship, one screen smart life, relying on the digital way to connect the business systems that run through all government departments, and the digitization of government affairs is constantly upgrading. In 2020, Shenzhen plans to build 46000 5g base stations, becoming the first city in the country to achieve full coverage and independent groups of 5g infrastructure, helping it move towards industrial intelligence and comprehensive technological innovation, while deformation continues to produce highlands

in addition, through the construction of the integrated government affairs service of "reporting and approving every second", more than 400 core businesses in 60 commissions and offices in Shenzhen have been put on the cloud, and the cloud platform management at the municipal and district levels has been realized to enhance urban public services. Through the urban cloud platform, we can make data run more and people run less, and constantly refresh the scope of not meeting approval and the city wide office. In addition, we will continue to optimize the business environment by shortening the start-up time of enterprises. The time for examination and approval of enterprise start-up is reduced to less than tens of seconds. It takes only 6 seconds for enterprise project filing from application to approval

Shenzhen won the global enabling technology award

the Millennium ancient county is rejuvenated, and Nanhai District of Foshan won the economic award of China

Nanhai District uses new ICT technology to build a digital Nanhai that integrates data integration center, operation monitoring center, decision analysis center, comprehensive display center and command and coordination center, realizing the integrated application of one picture, one screen intelligent operation and one cloud

a hundred flowers bloom, Huawei customers are shortlisted for various awards

pregnant with data fertile soil, and Tianjin TEDA is shortlisted for the inclusive and shared City Award in China. In 2018, Huawei and Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone jointly launched the first ai+ smart city TEDA new city in China. After three years of construction applicable to hard plastics, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics and cast stone, smart TEDA has built a number of high-level infrastructure and application systems to provide strong support for social innovation and social services, and has built itself into a prosperous, livable and happy modern new city, setting a new benchmark for the construction of smart cities

around the future and innovation, Zhengzhou smart island was shortlisted for the innovation concept award in China. By building a future city? Panoramic laboratory, building a future oriented urban life scene. At present, UAV +5g+ai is used to complete all-round environmental monitoring, which can automatically and efficiently replace manual work; Based on big data, we have achieved 360 accurate portraits of enterprises, built an accurate investment attraction system, and built 54 million National full volume live enterprise data. Smart Island digitally models every plant and base station in the physical world, forming a 1:1 digital twin world, creating a new model of urban intelligence and building a new engine for digital economic transformation

Mount Huangshan was shortlisted for the China governance and service award, and the famous cultural and tourism city will start again. Using advanced concepts and technologies such as cloud computing and big data, Huangshan City follows the principles of platform sharing, content co construction and achievement sharing, accelerates the construction of data resource standards and improves the construction of urban infrastructure. Build the operation and command center of digital government by building the urban brain of Huangshan City. In addition, through the key innovation of cultural tourism, environmental protection, smart big data analysis and application, help the city's digital transformation

in the field of smart cities, through urban agents, Huawei vertically coordinates the collaborative planning and construction of 5g, cloud, AI, intelligent terminals and other multi technology platforms, horizontally enables business collaboration, and works with partners to innovate multi scenario solutions for government services, social governance, public services, ecological civilization, economic services, etc., so as to meet the diversified needs of urban development, help customers build urban agents, and enhance their comprehensive competitiveness. At present, Huawei has provided smart city solutions for more than 40 countries and 200 cities around the world

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