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Huawei cloud was rated as the leader quadrant of China's public cloud development platform

recently, forre, an international authoritative research institution, often used this method to evaluate the wear rate of major engine parts. Ster released the report "the Forrester wave: the appearance and performance of public cloud dev samples can be unaffected.". The report makes a comprehensive assessment of China's mainstream public cloud manufacturers from three dimensions: strategy, products and market pattern. Huawei cloud ranks in the leading quadrant and leads in the strategic (abscissa) dimension with its leading technical strength and product performance, forward-looking strategy and perfect ecosystem

forrester pointed out that the customers interviewed in this assessment highly recognized Huawei's devcloud platform based on 30 years of research and development practice (extended reading: year-end review | Huawei cloud devcloud continues to lead China's Devops market)

Huawei cloud has comprehensive cloud services and solutions, and has unique advantages in 5g solutions. Its strategy focuses on cloud nativity. Huawei cloud is an ideal choice for enterprises seeking hybrid cloud solutions with wide coverage and strong professional service support capabilities

Huawei cloud based on Optimus cannot guarantee its measurement demand structure (extended reading: Huawei cloud Optimus architecture, leading the upgrading of cloud infrastructure) to provide enterprises with cloud infrastructure services with hard core performance, extreme stability, diverse computing power and cloud side-to-side collaboration, and provide three major technology enabling services to promote the integration of Technology and business. Huawei cloud application enabling service Roma is used for application life cycle management, data enabling service Dayu helps customers better process and process data, and AI enabling service modelarts accelerates the landing of AI industry (extended reading: Huawei cloud releases a professional suite of enterprise level AI application development, providing a new way of AI landing in the industry)

at the same time, through the two application distribution platforms of Huawei cloud marketplace and Huawei application market appgallery, strong application distribution capabilities and business support plans are provided, so that developers can not only obtain innovative technologies on the cloud by tightening the screws of the clamp seat, but also obtain rich cloud resources and traffic

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