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Huawei cloud obtained BSI's first batch of iso/iec27701 certification

on November 19, Belgium time, the 2019 European Data Protection Conference held in Brussels was tightened in time; At the annual conference, Hua Weiyun received the world's first iso/iec 27701 certification issued by the British Standards Institute (BSI), an internationally recognized authoritative standards organization

Huawei cloud representatives received iso/iec 27701 certification on the spot in Brussels

in order to show their high recognition of Huawei cloud's network security and privacy protection work, in addition to Brussels, BSI also held continuous activities in Shenzhen and Beijing thousands of miles away to issue the same certification for Huawei cloud. BSI is a standards institution with a hundred years of history and a decisive position in the world. It has been certified in three places, spanning thousands of miles, and its importance can be seen

i in fact, it does not mean that impact testing machines are very cold to humidity of any size. So/iec 27701 is a privacy protection standard jointly issued by the international organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which aims to help organizations protect and control the personal information they process. The standard integrates the principles, concepts and methods of privacy protection into the network security and privacy protection system, and provides enterprises with best practices and guidance. The standard is an excellent practice of the EU general data protection regulation (gdpr), which can help enterprises meet most of the requirements of gdpr, which is recognized as the strictest privacy protection regulation in history. The enterprise carries out security capacity-building and rectification in accordance with the requirements of the standard. Until all requirements are met, it can pass the audit of a third-party authority such as BSI and obtain the privacy protection compliance certification

for cloud manufacturers and cloud users, security standards and compliance certification are the basis for ensuring and proving the security and credibility of cloud platforms, and an important way to improve the security of cloud platforms. In 2018 alone, Huawei cloud obtained more than ten authoritative security compliance certifications, including China's only full platform, full node and full service, passing the PCI-DSS certification, the highest security standard in the financial industry, and passing the fourth level of security assurance of the Ministry of public security with high scores; In 2019, Huawei cloud passed iso22301, TL9000, iso/iec 27701 and other certifications. With this iso/iec 27701 certification, Huawei cloud has obtained more than 50 authoritative certifications related to network security and privacy protection around the world

insiders believe that the security compliance certification led by authoritative institutions like BSI is very strict. Huawei cloud can obtain so many certifications around the world, which proves that its network security and privacy protection level has indeed stepped into the world's leading ranks, providing safe and reliable cloud services, and ultimately benefiting the majority of users

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