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Application advantages of Moire anti-counterfeiting technology in image processing

the application of moire is similar to this process. We can process the background of the image in the spot color channel. When adding time, set the point parameters (eye angle, number of eye lines, etc.) different from the color called, so that this angle can form moire with a certain color plate in the four colors to get the fifth film. The setting of the eye angle value on this film is special and subtle. The moire formed by a certain color plate in this film and four-color film will show obvious differences due to subtle numerical changes

1. Reliability

the reliability of Moire depends on the variable that determines the change of moire. We know that there are many factors that affect the periodic change of moire, including: eye angle, number of eye lines, etc. At the same time, we can also artificially increase these variables, and their change laws are more complex and difficult to grasp. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for forgers to guess these variables and then copy them

in addition, it is difficult for the imitators to fake it by scanning or copying. This is because the experimental standard of turtle coherence clearly stipulates that the force pattern with a diameter ≤ 12mm and a force value of 900N is composed of points, which must be very small, and replication and scanning will lead to point expansion and gelatinization. If you add it again on the basis of the scanned manuscript, there will inevitably be obvious differences between the printed matter and the original, and it will be difficult to achieve the effect of imitation. At the same time, in order to increase its reliability, we can also combine moire with other anti-counterfeiting methods, such as using random patterns on the background to increase the complexity; Use anti-counterfeiting ink to print moire plate; Special paper such as watermark paper is used as the basis of printing

2. Exclusivity

if we set the door angle of the moire version to one digit after the decimal point, that is, ten digits. At the same time, the moire is so obvious that the naked eye can see that the whole market price is difficult to return to a reasonable range, and the range is very limited. Therefore, it cannot be avoided that the counterfeiter will crack it, which shows that the moire anti-counterfeiting is not perfect. However, if you change the values of multiple variables, the variation law of Moire period will become a multivariate equation, and the complexity of its solution will be prohibitive

3. Simplicity

in the production process, the conventional printing method is adopted. Its process is different from conventional printing, from the processing and production of the original, to the color separation output of the jigsaw, to the rod printing. The production of Moire plate only needs to refer to the spot color process, use a set of rip output system that can be added accurately, and print multi-color films on the basis of four colors. Therefore, compared with other anti-counterfeiting methods, this method is very convenient and concise without too much human and technical investment

4. Timeliness

timeliness is the time from the application of anti-counterfeiting technology to being cracked and forged. Moire change has multiple variable combinations. If you need to master its law, it is difficult to solve such a multivariate equation, coupled with experimental evidence. If the low-end counterfeiting methods (scanning, copying, etc.) are adopted, the difference between them and the genuine products will be obvious. Therefore, the validity period of Moire anti-counterfeiting technology is relatively long

5. Functionality

the pattern printed with Moire background can be used to make packaging anti-counterfeiting logo, stick it on the appearance packaging container, or directly print the factory product warranty card, anti-counterfeiting customer service card, anti-counterfeiting authorization and other product description internals. At the same time, the moire pattern can also be combined with the packaging design to increase the aesthetics of goods

6. Low cost

due to the use of conventional printing, only a set of rip output system that can accurately RI add a limited amount of film output than four colors, while other basic printing elements can be used. The existing conventional models and equipment of general output companies and printing institutions, waste plastic recycling and environmental protection 3D printing materials are highly respected, without the investment of other special processes, human resources - and technical maintenance, These advantages determine its superior performance price ratio, making moire anti-counterfeiting appear economical and practical. Even if the moire anti-counterfeiting technology is combined with other anti-counterfeiting methods, such as ink and paper anti-counterfeiting, its anti-counterfeiting performance is more comprehensive, but its cost increase will not increase year-on-year

it is still at the stage of conception to apply the moire originally avoided to the field of anti-counterfeiting. Although supplemented by experimental demonstration, due to time and cost, we only tested a small part of the theory of Moire anti-counterfeiting. It still needs more theoretical and practical research and development to really use moire in the production practice of anti-counterfeiting packaging design

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