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Huawei cloud services for customized development in the field of Bioscience

Huawei cloud services for customized development in the field of Bioscience

-- Li Yixue: life science is facing the transformation from experiment driven to big data driven

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the era of big data in the field of life science has arrived. According to relevant statistics, the total amount of biological data in the world has reached the EB level every year. The complete human genome has about 3billion base pairs, and the difference of individualized genome is up to 6million bases. Huge data has been generated based on personalized genetic background. If these big data can be used efficiently and at a high speed, it will undoubtedly bring infinite opportunities to the life science industry

in the cloud services and big data knowledge sharing salon jointly hosted by Bio Valley and Huawei cloud services not long ago, Professor Li Yixue, the speaker, pointed out that life science is facing the transformation from experiment driven to data-driven. Massive data will become the foundation of life science, and cloud services, big data and other related technologies will become important factors in the transformation

Li Yixue believes that the huge gap between the rapidly increasing biological data and computer capabilities is the primary problem facing the development of big data. Looking at domestic Biosciences academies, they all face difficulties in using existing IT technology to process big data, such as slow deployment, small storage capacity, and high cost

bioscience high-performance computing requires massive computing resources, and the computing capacity expansion speed is very fast, and the deployment cycle of resources is long. Traditional IT services, from equipment procurement to installation and commissioning, take several months, and it is difficult to respond to business changes in a timely manner; At the same time, bioscience computing is often complex. Traditional life science computing relies on manual environmental deployment, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive and inefficient; In addition, bioscience computing generates massive data, 2 Security protection has high requirements for storage. Due to insufficient storage capacity, data is manually deleted line by line; For biotechnology enterprises, self built high-performance computing platforms cost a lot of money at a time, and the cost of equipment upgrading is high, which may lead to the risk of insufficient funds. In the face of these problems, traditional IT technology has revealed its shortcomings, and there is an urgent need to find a substitute for traditional it

for the technology needed to analyze biological big data quickly and effectively, Li Yixue believes that cloud services may provide a strong support for the solution

cloud services have the characteristics of elasticity and rapid expansion, that is, if the demand takes more complex parameters, it can provide users with elastic massive computing and storage resources, easily cope with large-scale computing processing, help users quickly deploy and manage large-scale IT infrastructure resources that provide third-party services and decision support for key work of new materials, selection and recommendation of major projects, organization and implementation, acceptance and evaluation, etc. In the field of Bioscience, Huawei cloud, a leading domestic cloud service provider, has a complete set of mature solutions

Huawei cloud services can provide massive parallel computing resources for genetic engineering, protein engineering, biopharmaceutical and other businesses that need high-performance computing, as well as high-performance cloud services including virtual machine, cloud hard disk, object storage services, offline transmission services, etc. Huawei bioscience cloud solution is a cloud computing service platform that integrates powerful computing and storage capabilities based on the needs of industry characteristics, workflow and business analysis process, and provides users with supercomputing, data storage and other services. It is simple and flexible. Huawei cloud service has impressive capabilities in customized development, operation mode design and supporting services in the field of bioscience. The relevant person in charge of Shanghai Academy of Life Sciences said

Huawei bioscience cloud solution consists of four parts: distributed computing engine, elastic computing cloud, object cloud storage, and offline big data transmission services, providing end-to-end solutions for customers. The industry templates required by distributed computing engines are customized by customers or predefined industry templates provided by partners. Huawei is responsible for providing computing and storage resources, as well as scheduling capabilities

according to the relevant person in charge of Huawei cloud services, the distributed computing engine can solidify the multi-step complex computing process through user-defined business processes, simplify the computing process and improve the computing efficiency. The computing process is judged and driven by the distributed computing engine, and there is no need for human intervention to realize the automation and flow of computing. This just matches the complex business needs of Bioscience big data at present

in addition, the distributed computing engine is responsible for deploying the computing environment, improving the efficiency of environment deployment and reducing the complexity of deployment; The whole business process is visually displayed in the form of flow chart, so that the business process is clear at a glance; When the calculation is completed or abnormal conditions occur, the operation user will be automatically prompted for manual intervention or correction

finally, the distributed computing engine can effectively manage the resources in the resource pool and automatically put tasks to idle nodes; The node resources in the resource pool can be added or deleted according to business needs to realize on-demand use and on-demand payment

these are important factors that make distributed computing engines popular with customers

in addition, Huawei cloud service has neutral, safe, highly reliable and low-cost data storage capabilities to meet the storage needs of users' original data and calculation results; In terms of business model, we can use on demand, pay on demand, rent and use, shorten the IT construction cycle, reduce the initial investment cost, and reduce the later operation and maintenance cost of enterprises

with the sharp decline in the cost of gene sequencing and the high integration of digital and Bioscience, cloud services in the context of big data will surpass the supporting position of improving efficiency and reducing costs, become the core competitiveness of Bioscience innovation and redefine the commanding height of the market. For biotechnology enterprises and research institutes, testing and building their own business model on Huawei's public cloud platform will be a cost-effective way, and the biological industry service paradigm based on Huawei's cloud service platform will be newly built

as Professor Li Yixue said, life science is facing the transformation from experiment driven to data-driven. Whoever masters technology first will master the lifeblood of life science. Cloud service is undoubtedly an important driving factor for the transformation of life science from experiment driven to data-driven

about Huawei cloud services

Huawei bioscience cloud solutions are composed of four parts: distributed computing engine, elastic computing cloud, object cloud storage, and offline big data transmission services, providing end-to-end solutions for customers. Among them, the multi-layer flexible packaging with Dow solvent-free and water-based adhesives can help manufacturers and processing manufacturers cope with the increasingly stringent emission regulations of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The industry template required by the distributed computing engine is customized by customers or uses the pre-defined industry template provided by partners; Huawei is responsible for providing computing and storage resources as well as scheduling capabilities

about Li Yixue

Li Yixue, doctor, researcher, doctoral supervisor. Director of Shanghai bioinformation technology research center, director of bioinformation center of Shanghai Academy of life sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of systems biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and member of the expert group in the field of biology and medicine in the 863 National Eleventh Five Year Plan. 2003 Shanghai model worker, 2003 Shanghai excellent discipline leader. He is now a natural science fund reviewer of the Department of life sciences of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, a specially invited reviewer of the German Journal of integrated bioinformatics, the American Medical Science Monitor magazine, a specially invited reviewer of the domestic science bulletin, and an editorial board member of Biophysics and biochemistry, the Chinese Journal of bioengineering, as well as genetics, proteomics and bioinformatics

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