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Huawei and Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University have made strategic cooperation to jointly build a smart hospital benchmark

[China, Dongguan, November 6, 2020] on November 5, Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Huawei in Huawei's Dongguan Songshanhu base, which is expected to exceed 1/3 of the total sales by 2017, to jointly build a smart hospital benchmark across the country. Zhu Hong, Secretary of the Party committee of Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, Li Wenyuan, President, Li Dengliang, chief accountant, Ren Shulu, senior vice president and executive supervisor of Huawei, Yang Ping, vice president of Huawei's government and enterprise business in China, and Wen Na, deputy representative of Huawei in Guangdong attended the signing ceremony. Cao Rui, deputy president of Nanfang Hospital, and Lou ManRui, general manager of Huawei's Guangdong government and enterprise business education and medical industry signed the agreement on behalf of both parties

according to the agreement, Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University and Huawei will carry out in-depth cooperation in the smart hospital area, hospital ICT infrastructure, medical gradually building a new business model of "partner", information innovation cooperation, organizational culture and talent training, give full play to the business and technical advantages of both sides, and strive to build an innovative and leading smart hospital in China

Zhu Hong stressed that during the war, the southern medical people issued that if there was a war, they would return and win! The sonorous oath, in the first line to fulfill the original mission, won the title of the national advanced collective in the fight against the COVID-19; Huawei strives to practice the core values of customer-centered and striver oriented, long-term hard work and self-criticism, and helps the global war epidemic with ICT technology and practical actions. Both sides are rooted in the reform and opening up in southern Guangdong, have similar cultural genes, and their development concepts and values are highly matched. This strategic cooperation is bound to bear fruitful results and play a good exemplary role for domestic and even world counterparts

Li Wenyuan believes that the strategic policy of building and sharing healthy China is highly integrated with the basic logic of Huawei ICT technology. The development goal and vision of Nanfang Hospital is to build a domestic first-class and internationally influential research hospital. It is hoped that the two sides can jointly build a win-win situation, jointly promote the comprehensive and Deepening Application of new generation information technologies such as 5g, big data, artificial intelligence, and innovative application of information technology in the field of medical and health, and contribute to the provision of all-round and full cycle health services and the implementation of healthy China strategy

Ren Shulu paid high tribute to the heroes of Amway, who were in white and went retrograde during the anti epidemic period of Nanfang Hospital. "If you open it inside the wall, you must repeatedly apply stress, and it is fragrant outside the wall". He pointed out that Nanfang Hospital is actively exploring and promoting the reform and innovation of interconnected smart hospitals. Huawei will also focus on the business pursuit of Nanfang Hospital, bring together five technologies and five opportunities: connectivity, cloud, AI, computing and industrial application, and integrate them into the business innovation scenarios of smart medicine, smart services and smart management. Five machines work together to drive the business value realization of Nanfang Hospital

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