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Huawei cloud helps SF DHL Logistics Park unlock the new trend of smart logistics

today, with the development of e-commerce industry becoming more and more mature, the surge in purchasing power has become one of the reasons for receiving congestion. However, the carnival at the end of the year is about to accelerate, and my friends have found that during the peak period of hand chopping this year, the packages arrive earlier and faster

especially in the past double 11, the whole operation is smooth and smooth, basically without paralysis and important nodes do not explode

in fact, in this grand shopping Carnival at the end of the year, the linear improvement of express efficiency cannot be separated from the cooperation of all links of logistics. Therefore, intelligent upgrading management of logistics industry is particularly important, and logistics park management is one of them

intelligent upgrading of logistics park

Huawei cloud was chosen at the right time

in the past decade, the logistics industry has experienced a transformation from extensive management to fine management such as informatization, automation and interconnection

with the iterative update of technology, 5g, cloud computing, AI, IOT and other new technologies are changing the relationship between logistics and various nodes and roles in supply chain business, driving the reform of supply chain and logistics industry

at the same time, new technologies have also accelerated the transformation of the operation mode of the logistics industry, resulting in a close collaborative relationship between people, vehicles, goods, warehouses, stores and other elements in the logistics industry chain, and moving towards intelligence and intelligence

in addition, the development of the logistics industry is also closely related to data. Data should also be used to guide operations while generating data

taking the park management system as an example, the peak period is equivalent to the concept of high concurrency in the express industry. The number of orders will be much higher than usual, and the number of vehicles entering the park will also be higher than usual. If the data processing is not timely, it will affect the progress of vehicle scheduling, scheduling, the number of operators, commodity inventory and other links

although the development of technology has brought about the digital revolution of the supply chain and driven the reform of the logistics industry, the extensive management of the logistics park in various aspects, such as asset inventory, vehicle scheduling, park security and so on, still greatly hindered the improvement of logistics efficiency, according to Zhu Changchun, Secretary General of China Polyurethane Industry Association. Therefore, this supply chain reform driven by IOT digital technology is imperative. (extended reading: Huawei cloud Releases Smart logistics solutions for logistics + Intelligence)

the arrival of 5g era will first bring a qualitative leap in IOT technology, which will promote the logistics industry to realize the transformation to the smart logistics mode of IOT + artificial intelligence, and realize the interconnection and interaction of vehicles, goods and warehouses

The emergence of cloud technology has also greatly improved the efficiency of a large number of data operation processes such as warehousing, transportation, inventory management, etc

When AI is applied in park management, it can also form deep learning programs such as anti violence sorting, sorting path optimization, OCR document recognition, transportation path tooth damage path optimization, etc. (extended reading: Huawei cloud launched a beauty "artifact", you know now?)

based on Huawei's more than 30 years of technology accumulation in the ICT technology field and the support of 5g, cloud computing, AI, IOT and other technologies, Huawei cloud is the right time for the intelligent upgrading of the logistics industry

end cloud full stack collaboration

Huawei cloud assisted logistics 3ling materials' share price fell by 8% on November 24. The park reduced costs and increased efficiency

SF DHL, as an industry-leading logistics supplier, has a number of owned and leased logistics parks, including Shanghai Kangqiao logistics park

in recent years, with the gradual change of industry trends, it also gave birth to the further upgrading of SF DHL in terms of storage strategy, transportation and distribution strategy, information system, etc

in order to adapt to the fierce competition in the logistics industry and better consolidate the industry position, in June 2019, SF DHL and Huawei smart Park established preliminary cooperation intentions and made many forward-looking attempts

for example, Huawei cloud has cooperated with SF DHL to build efficient Park berth management, asset positioning and other solutions. Integrated products are formed through deep data mining and analysis, real-time data presentation, management advice and guidance, statistical reports, etc; Through innovative RFID technology, asset tracking, warehouse real-time 3D display (i.e. digital twins), vehicle scheduling status statistical display, and dangerous operation warning are realized

while breaking through the traditional office parks, the cooperation between Huawei cloud and SF DHL presents valuable logistics solutions for the industry

based on the characteristics of Huawei cloud IOT platform equipment management, connection management, big data analysis, operation management, security and API development, SF DHL realizes the connection of a large number of scattered devices with as little power as possible; Provide key data and visibility for warehousing, transportation and distribution; It has solved the problem of frequent junction points in the transportation and storage links of the supply chain, and effectively supported SF DHL to expand its business nationwide

in addition, relying on the full stack and full scene AI solution, Huawei cloud builds cloud services in a modular manner to provide logistics enterprises with intelligent logistics solutions such as anti violence sorting, sorting path optimization, OCR document identification, and transportation path optimization. Help enterprises comprehensively improve efficiency in warehousing, transportation, distribution and other links, and realize the digitalization, informatization and intelligence of logistics management

the development of technology will not only promote the upgrading and transformation of business and the development of supply chain, but also determine the competition pattern of logistics industry in the next five to ten years

relying on cloud +ai+5g technology, Huawei cloud will work with partners to develop more new logistics business application scenarios and solutions, improve the informatization and digitization level of the logistics industry, and accelerate the development of smart logistics

it is foreseeable that with the development of new technologies, the next decade may become the golden decade for the development of the logistics industry. For the whole logistics and supply chain industry, digitalization has become a major trend in the future when we buy tensile testing machines. It is also the only way for every logistics enterprise

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