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Huawei cloudfabric has led the data center network into the era of intelligence

the development of human society has experienced the agricultural era and the industrial era, and finally ushered in the era of digital economy with the development of information technology. According to Gartner research, 75% of large enterprises have taken digital transformation as their core strategy. Unlike the agricultural economy, which focuses on land and labor, and the industrial economy, which focuses on capital and technology, the core production factors of the digital economy have been transformed into data and intelligence. A large amount of data generated in the process of enterprise digital transformation has become a part of the core assets of enterprises. However, data itself is not the purpose, and knowledge and wisdom are the eternal value. Mining intelligence from data through AI and realizing the realization of commercial value of data has become the theme of current enterprise digital transformation. AI has become a key driving force for enterprises to reshape business models, improve customer experience and create the future+ AI marks that the digital transformation of enterprises has entered a new stage of intelligence

1. AI Driven Data Center reconstruction

data center network faces new challenges

enterprise intelligent upgrading drives data center from the cloud era to the intelligent era. In contrast, the cloud data center is more like a business support center, focusing on applications and realizing the rapid distribution of IT resources through the cloud platform. The AI data center has truly evolved into a business value center based on the cloud data center, focusing on how to efficiently process data based on AI

ai driven data center reconfiguration

as we all know, the efficient operation of AI depends on huge computing power. For example, an ordinary AI training of speech recognition involves 20E (1e=1018) floating-point calculations. Even if it is calculated by the world's highest performance supercomputer, it takes a long time

ai's demand for computing power drives the restructuring of the data center with poor market activity. The data center is moving towards a new architecture of data center in the intelligent era with full flash memory storage data Lake as the core and gpu/ai diversified computing as the computing base. Storage and computing facilities are undergoing disruptive changes: full flash storage media has increased storage performance by 100 times, and gpu/ai intelligent computing has increased computing performance by 100 times

if the operating efficiency of a single server is achieved by improving the performance of processors and storage media, the operating efficiency of the entire data center depends on the performance of the data center network. Data center network has become the core key to the release of data center computing power and the realization of data value in the intelligent era. At the same time, as an enabling technology in the intelligent era, the increasing demand for environmental friendly and comfortable furniture, how to further help the data center network complete intelligent upgrading and improve the efficiency of deployment, operation and maintenance, has become a new opportunity and challenge

2. Cloudfabric

new upgrade for the era of AI intelligence

as the alchemy of enterprise data gold mine, AI turns stone into gold and becomes the key to the success or failure of enterprise digital transformation to intelligent upgrading. The massive use of AI technology has driven disruptive changes in the mission of enterprise data centers. At a time when AI technology is being widely used in data centers, in order to help customers better cope with new challenges, Huawei has made a new upgrade to cloudfabric data center network solutions

the world's highest density 400ge

open up the broad road into the intelligent era

Enterprise digitalization has led to a sharp increase in the amount of data generated worldwide every year. According to Huawei giv's prediction, it is expected to reach 180zb in 2025, an increase of 20 times in 10 years. At present, 100ge data center network can no longer meet the challenge of Digital Flood in the next few years. At the same time, from the perspective of the mainstream AI business servers in the industry, 100ge card interface has become a standard configuration, and the era of 400ge data center network has arrived

2019, Huawei released cloudeng, the industry's first data center switch for the era of AI intelligence, which solved the long-term small and messy situation of ine 16800, comprehensively upgraded the hardware switching platform, and broke through many technical problems such as ultra-high speed signal transmission, super heat dissipation and efficient power supply on the basis of orthogonal architecture, so that a single slot can provide the industry's highest density 48 Port 400ge line card, The single machine provides the industry's largest 768 port 400ge switching capacity, with a switching capacity of 5 times that of the industry, easily meeting the traffic doubling demand in the AI intelligent era

cloudengine 16800 data center switch

the industry's first zero packet loss Ethernet

release the peak of computing power in the intelligent era

the core of the intelligent era is to introduce AI mining data value. AI computing characterized by deep learning depends on the input of massive data, and the speed of data storage and retrieval will directly affect the exertion of computing power. The performance of computing and storage has been improved a hundred times, which leads to the congestion of traditional networks and the network bottleneck caused by packet loss. Packet loss of 1 will directly reduce computing power by nearly 50% in the AI era. With the increase of business load and distributed computing traffic, the problem of network packet loss will become more serious. On the one hand, the computing power of AI data center is expensive, and the lack of computing power has become a challenge of the times. On the other hand, the expensive computing power cannot be fully released due to network bottlenecks. How to build a lossless data center network with zero packet loss has become the basic requirement of the data center network facing the intelligent era

Huawei cloudengine 16800 realizes self-adaptive and self optimization of traffic model through the original ilossless intelligent lossless switching algorithm. Intelligent lossless DCN based on cloudengine switch can truly realize Ethernet 0 packet loss and fully release the potential of AI computing power. According to Tolly, an authoritative third-party testing organization, under the same GPU cluster, by using Huawei intelligent lossless DCN, the training efficiency of AI services is more than 27% higher than that of other networks in the current industry

Qu Jinping, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of South China University of technology, believes that China's high molecular materials industry is large but not strong from a technical point of view

Huawei intelligent lossless DCN

Huawei intelligent lossless DCN has been applied to the AI training cluster atlas900, which represents the peak of global computing power, and has become a key booster for it to break through the performance bottleneck and impact the world record. Intelligent lossless DCN is not only a high-performance network for AI training clusters, but also a new generation network architecture for data centers in the intelligent era

take the lead in realizing network full intelligence

towards autonomous self-healing autonomous driving

the scale of data centers is getting larger and more complex, and the OPEX expenditure of some data centers is even more than three times that of capex. The efficiency and cost of data centers are facing structural challenges. Even if the current mainstream SDN is used to realize the automatic deployment of networks, in terms of business intention understanding, daily network inspection, fault location and repair, Still rely on the administrator

Huawei first proposed the concept of autonomous network. Based on the SDN network architecture, AI technology was introduced in the end-to-end process of planning, deployment, operation, maintenance, optimization and operation for network equipment, network management control and upper business scheduling system. Through AI technology, the network moves from automatic business deployment and action execution to intelligent fault self-healing and network self optimization, and finally realizes network self-healing and unattended

ai's fully intelligent data center network cloudfabric can initially realize intelligent understanding of business intentions, intelligent selection of the best network path, intelligent assessment of change risk, intelligent fault detection and rapid root cause localization. For 75 types of common faults, it can sense faults in 1 minute, locate faults in 3 minutes and repair faults in 5 minutes, taking the lead in realizing the industry's first L3 level autonomous driving network in the data center network field, And obtained the certification of Tolly's third-party authority

3. The new cloudfabric

leads the data center network into the intelligent era

about 2000, with the development of enterprise informatization strategy, the real enterprise data center was born. Around 2010, the enterprise digitalization strategy was proposed. When cloud computing was in the ascendant, Huawei took the lead in releasing the industry's first cloud data center network cloudfabric, leading the data center into the cloud era and realizing the elastic expansion and automatic distribution of IT resources

at present, the digital transformation of enterprises has entered a new stage of intelligent upgrading. When AI is widely used in data centers, Huawei has made a new upgrade to cloudfabric. Cloudfabric is not only the first to complete the full intellectualization of the data center network itself and realize the industry's first L3 level autonomous network, but also realize the industry's only 0 packet loss intelligent lossless DCN through the world's highest density 400ge cloudengine switch and the original ilossless algorithm, release the peak of AI computing power in the intelligent era, make AI business operation more efficient, make the commercial realization of data value more sufficient, and once again lead the data center network into the intelligent era

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