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Hidden health hazards in plastic packaging bags

is it safe to pack food in plastic bags, fast food boxes and other containers on the market at present? Recently, during the special inspection of food packaging materials in the city, the health supervision office of the Municipal Health Bureau found that a considerable number of food production and business units could not explain the manufacturer of plastic bags for food, nor could they provide the corresponding inspection report. There were hidden dangers of food pollution in food packaging products

According to relevant experts from the Health Supervision Institute of the Municipal Health Bureau, the raw materials for the production of plastic products for packaged food are mainly polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, melamine, etc., and the raw materials for the production of degradable fast food boxes are mainly plant fiber, pulp, cardboard, etc. The food hygiene law of the people's Republic of China stipulates that food containers, packaging materials, tools and equipment for food must comply with the hygiene standards and hygiene management measures; The production of food containers, packaging materials, tools and equipment for food must use raw materials that meet health requirements; The product should be easy to clean and disinfect. It is worth noting that the state has formulated corresponding standards and inspection items for the raw materials, processing aids and molded products of plastic products for packaged food. The products produced by the enterprise must pass the inspection before they can be put on the market

the health supervision department reminds citizens to pay attention to the use of safe and hygienic food packaging products. Plastic packaging bags that meet the requirements of food packaging have good transparency and no pungent smell. According to the requirements of the measures for the hygienic management of plastic products and raw materials for food, food packaging products should be printed with the words "for food". At present, some illegal traders use non food raw materials (such as industrial raw materials) or use recycled waste plastic reprocessed inferior packaging materials as food plastic bags to flow to the market. These plastic bags have low transparency, poor elasticity, and some have pungent smell. Because these products contain a variety of chemicals harmful to human body, some of them may cause cancer, which greatly reduces the theoretical cycle life of the pool after pendulum heat treatment of lithium titanate battery automatic impact testing machine. Recycled plastics will inevitably pollute food after many times of pollution

the health supervision department informed catering units and supermarkets that they should do a good job of obtaining certificates for food packaging products in strict accordance with the food hygiene law and relevant regulations, and do not buy and use plastic products for food without qualified inspection reports; Street food stalls and vendors are not allowed to buy and use plastic bags for food that do not meet hygiene requirements

at the same time, consumers should choose to use qualified food packaging materials from the perspective of protecting their own health and preventing the proliferation of non food plastic packaging materials produced by these 5-axis 3D printers, which are also different from our common 3D printers. Plastic bags and fast food boxes should be used less and with caution, so as to reduce the probability of food pollution

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