High efficiency flexible machining of the hottest

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High efficiency flexible machining of small and medium-sized workpieces

whether it is a cube shaped workpiece, or a shaft piece and a pipe fitting, as long as the two centers are clamped, they can be processed and formed by moving the column type machining center RS 50x. Hedelius introduced the device at a company exhibition not long ago

at the 2007 company exhibition, hedelius introduced a mobile column type machining center specially designed for 3, 4, 5 and 6 face milling of small and medium-sized workpieces. This machining center RS 50x for multi-facet machining is wonderful in its long and separable working space and equipped with a rotating and swinging workbench unit. In the working space without separation, the workpiece with length up to 1800mm can be processed in three axes. Through the side opening, longer workpieces (such as formed parts) can be pushed into the workspace. For this purpose, the rotary table unit placed on the left side can be removed from the workspace in just a few minutes

a working partition board that can be quickly installed and used can separate the working space told by Zhao Ming, deputy general manager of the company into two separate working spaces (Figure 1) In these two working spaces, the maximum size can be 700mm × 510mm parts are processed by three side swing process. For the machining of the front side, the angle milling head can be replaced from a tool library. 1. Maximum experimental force: 600kN; The tool interface of angle milling head is SK40, clamp type or quick replacement type

Figure 1. The partition of the working space that can be quickly installed and used can separate the large working space.

the rotating and swinging workbench unit is designed for clamping workpieces with a weight of less than 20kg (Figure 2). It is equipped with a combined flange/hsk-a63 interface, which can be connected to a new workpiece clamping device in just a few minutes. As a standard part, panels or clamping plates with dimensions of 160mm, 200mm and 250mm can be provided. Energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered. Using 2 or 3 claw chuck, it can economically process single and small and medium-sized series of finished products of rotating parts. The second workspace generated by inserting the divider plate will significantly optimize the five side processing. The clamping surface reserved on the workpiece or necessary for fine machining can be eliminated immediately in the pendulum process

Figure 2. The rotary swing workbench unit is suitable for processing workpieces with a weight of less than 20kg.

the processing of shaft parts or pipe fittings between two centers is another highlight of the machine tool (Figure 3). Heidenhain itnc 530 control system with standard configuration supports programming through a cylinder liner program. The front mounted oscillating axle provides another processing performance. Taking a clamping length of 475mm as an example, it can provide enough position space for multiple clamping

Figure 3. The processing of shaft parts and pipe fittings is under way.

with its advantages of rapid matching with various cutting tasks and spacious workspace, the solution provided by this machine is highly praised by the majority of users on the whole. (end)

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