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High efficiency five axis machining technology for automotive interior parts mold

in view of the requirements of automotive interior parts mold manufacturing enterprises for improving efficiency and reducing costs, the phased evaluation of the use of CAM software, and further expanded to different types of mold manufacturing enterprises to improve processing efficiency, improve programming efficiency of programmers, and save tool and equipment operation costs as the main guidance, making the CNC in the mold workshop a history. Based on the application experience of many mold manufacturing enterprises, the author hopes to introduce, promote and implement some of the achievements and experience of successful users of Delcam related software systems when the tear line always deviates by 10mm, and advocate professional functions to solve professional problems. Delcam application innovation can be successfully applied not only in FAW mold center, Zhongshan Zhihe, Shanghai Yanfeng Visteon, but also in other enterprises that want to improve the quality and efficiency of mold manufacturing. Based on the fact that a large number of automobile interior trim mold manufacturing enterprises have purchased Delcam PowerMILL and abandoned the traditional cam system, the author has made some summaries to improve the overall mold programming efficiency and manufacturing efficiency in each production step:

I. intelligent knowledge base manufacturing system based on software system

electrode automatic programming system with intelligent function, which is customized and developed based on the unique bathmill function of PowerMILL, The project has been successfully applied in zhongshanzhihe, a user of Delcam, for many years, and its application status in automobile interior trim mold manufacturing enterprises is also very optimistic. Electrode programming has been realized by more than 10 people in the past, and now three people programming has achieved remarkable results. Conservative data improves programming efficiency by more than 100%. The main feature of this project is to manage all programming knowledge and experience in the form of database, effectively transfer experience, and simplify the learning time. The operator can basically master it in one day. The project was completed with three sets of Delcam PowerMILL products

based on the above applications, we will discuss with the relevant personnel of the cam Department of many manufacturers to further expand the automatic programming of mold cores, database the enterprise machine tool library parameters and mold library parameters that hope to improve the quality and efficiency of mold manufacturing, and further promote and improve the process operation of core programming. At the same time, we can consider using Delcam's unattended processing experience and methods in the FAW mold center, an automotive mold customer, Process programming will solve most human errors and effectively avoid equipment safety accidents

1. Electrode design is related to workshop production programming. Delcam's electrode design products are based on the existing electrode designers, with more than 20 people. Use and promote the project, make use of the professional functions, automatically generate electrode extraction, automatic extension supplement, automatic electrode Management (HTML, XML, Excel and other structured data), automatic material preparation map, automatic discharge location map, automatic clamping system (system_3r, EROWA, Hirschmann), automatic collision processing, automatic open area surface generation, automatic discharge area calculation, etc., and conservatively improve the design efficiency by 30%, This project requires both sides to make great efforts to implement and promote, still lose habits, still lose wait-and-see, and work together to actively implement. Professional functions to solve professional problems are also necessary measures and steps for the process of manufacturing (successful users Guangzhou MAOZe, Gree air conditioning, Dongguan Yichang, etc.)

2. The purpose of the automatic generation and application of EDM discharge process in the workshop is to solve the problem that most of the past believed that EDM was black knowledge, and there was no way to control the processing time. EDM delay was a common problem in mold manufacturing enterprises. The electrode design professional module of Delcam company has a special customized interface, which can facilitate users to program according to their own spark machine, and automatically generate spark machine programs according to different discharge conditions, so as to ensure that the working condition of spark machine is controllable and eliminate black holes. This function communicates and demonstrates with relevant personnel of enterprises who want to improve the quality and efficiency of mold manufacturing, and the necessity of implementation is very urgent. At the same time, the electrode design module of Delcam company can automatically generate different discharge areas, different roughness requirements, different discharge sequences, etc. at this stage, the electrode design system has perfect spark procedures and process documents of Archie Agie, which can effectively control the whole discharge process. For Sodick equipment of automobile interior trim mold manufacturing enterprises, Delcam cooperates with enterprises that hope to improve the quality and efficiency of mold manufacturing to complete the project

3. With the increasing prosperity of new energy vehicles at home and abroad +2-axis and continuous five axis equipment, most mold enterprises have been trying and choosing. Most mold enterprises have encountered five axis application problems, such as collision, overcutting, difficulty in learning five axis programming, slow software calculation speed, and weak basic functions of five axis software, There is also the processing capacity of large models (such as direct reading of part models of CAD systems such as UG, pro/e, CATIA, etc. with a capacity of more than 200 megabytes). In view of the current status of CAM software, we can not only solve the problem of whether we can program, but also believe that all CAM systems at this stage have basic programming ability. Now, automobile interior trim mold manufacturing enterprises have put forward higher requirements for improving efficiency and reducing costs, such as the improvement of programming efficiency and machine tool operation efficiency (relevant data: Dongguan Mingli steel related personnel evaluated that the machine tool operation efficiency of Delcam PowerMILL with the same long path can be improved by 15-20%. The relevant solutions will be solved from the aspects of safety, speed, improving the operation efficiency of machine tools, and unattended safety guarantee (according to the evaluation of relevant personnel in the enterprise CAM programming room who want to improve the quality and efficiency of mold manufacturing, you can sleep at ease with PowerMILL). The above points are the necessary conditions for the process of digital manufacturing. There are many engineers using cam in many branches of the cam room of the automobile interior trim mold manufacturing enterprise, so that efficiency and quality can be copied, and the knowledge system can be used to create value for the automobile interior trim manufacturing enterprise. The following are the high-quality molds processed by Delcam customers using Delcam PowerMILL high-speed five axis system

real pictures of molds processed by PowerMILL

II. Large mold processing technology for automotive bumper dashboard

1. Data conversion: mold programming for automotive large interior trim, bumper and other products, and communicate with relevant personnel of the cam group of a strategic enterprise of an automotive interior trim mold manufacturing enterprise. Mold programming for automotive large interior trim, bumper and other products is an important embodiment and an important option of the cam application level. Delcam has long served similar product manufacturing enterprises such as Shanghai Yanfeng Visteon, Jiangyin Wanqi, Zhongshan Zhihe, aerospace molding and Taiwan Foxconn. The first consideration is the transplantation of successful experience, and then carry out necessary innovation according to the current situation of enterprises that want to improve the quality and efficiency of mold manufacturing. For the design and processing of automotive interior parts and electrode extraction, we also reiterate the concept that professional functions solve professional problems. The orders for automotive molds include domestic and international orders, and the data forms include UG, CATIA, pro/e, ideas and other data. The amount of data is very large. Generally, the mold of the bumper may have a data amount of about 300m. There will be problems in many cam processing, and there is a problem of multi platform. Delcam has a perfect data processing scheme, including CAD model processing, bad surface repair, electrode function, electrode area filling, etc., which requires strong CAD data processing ability and analysis ability. For the processing of automotive interior parts, a large number of deep cavities and micro areas need high-precision and safe processing, efficient material removal expectations, and must have excellent 3-axis, 3+2-axis high-speed processing strategy support, safe five axis function, and perfect tool path system (any tool path that is separated from the programming environment is very dangerous)

delcam can directly use the PRT models of UG, pro/e, CATIA, etc., avoiding the data loss of data model conversion. At the same time, Delcam powershape can solve many problems in surface description converted by intermediate formats (IGS, STP, etc.), such as gaps, bad clipping surfaces, overlapping surfaces, etc; Gap is the culprit of high-precision mold waste. Gap will lead to tool jumping, machine tool vibration, ripple generation, etc. Most CAD software does not have automatic gap processing tools. First of all, CAD software is relatively reasonable. At the same time, CAM software has the processing strategy of gap, differential connection and tool lifting

2. Model analysis: learn from the successful customers of Delcam, such as Shanghai Yanfeng Visteon, Taiwan Xunlong, Zhongshan Zhihe, Yichang mold, aerospace molding, Huangyan Shenji, Huangyan Xingtai, synergetic/m2m group, Siemens VDO (Germany), ark, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Hyundai Motor Corporation of South Korea and other service experience, analyze the closed corner area, determine the processing process, determine the electrode process The application of five axis machining process model analysis is of great significance

compare and analyze the models in the same area on the left and right. In the process of mold programming, different model versions will lead to fatal errors. According to the communication of the person in charge of the mold company who has made mistakes, bad remedial processes such as welding are not allowed for the molds with high requirements, and the direct loss is between 1-2 million, of which the material cost will be between 300000-1 million, and any errors of large molds are not allowed

electrode arrangement and extraction based on manufacturing process, electrode automatic table and item generation are automatically generated in the programming environment, and the collision area in electrode design is automatically processed, the collision trimming is automatically processed, and the gap is automatically trimmed

the software must have the area marking after the electrode extraction and the surface filling of the electrode extraction area, so as to facilitate the processing and programming process processing; In terms of process management, relevant information can be extracted and incorporated into the enterprise management system, so that the whole work process and results can be realized by the quality traceability, forming a closed-loop system of manufacturing informatization, and functional manufacturing programming can be realized based on enterprise knowledge and software carrying capacity and openness

3. Processing programming: the 3-5 axis cam system that can be safely used after short-term training. In enterprises that want to improve the quality and efficiency of mold manufacturing, avoid personnel training, personnel costs, training costs, and losses caused by the departure of software application personnel. From the perspective of personnel training, it is required that the software is easy to learn and use, high security, experience can be transferred, "programming is also a production line, anyone can come", classification and application personnel level Senior application personnel plan the process, and general programmers act as operators. These are exactly one of the advantages. Delcam PowerMILL's safety, ease of learning and use, and experience transfer can be effectively met. At that time, the application of Delcam PowerMILL in enterprise electrode automatic processing, which hoped to improve the quality and efficiency of mold manufacturing, was a visible achievement. The application atmosphere of the software talked about Shanghai Yanfeng Visteon, Jiangyin Wanqi Chengdu Aerospace molding, as well as a large number of Taiwan funded, Hong Kong funded and foreign well-known enterprises, are customers that can be circled

after purchasing a high-speed five axis machine tool, the programming supervisor of a unit made a simple and incisive conclusion for a period of time, "now the bumper mold programming, programmers will not work without swinging their heads". Here, "swinging their heads" refers to the five axis programming technology of Delcam PowerMILL, which adopts advanced five axis simulation technology to simulate the programming process and avoid errors. Delcam PowerMILL's whole process no overcut technology is also unique among many CAM software, and Delcam is the only software company in the world that has a NC machining workshop, which can

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