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Shaanxi Dali winter jujube part of the packaging carton hidden mystery

[place of China's packaging and printing industry] it is the season for winter jujube to appear on the market again. Shaanxi Dali winter jujube is deeply loved by consumers because of its thin skin, crisp meat, sweet fragrance. However, the recent investigation found that the packaging cartons used by some merchants were hidden, and many experts also said that there was a mystery

winter jujube is popular, but there is a mystery hidden in the packaging carton

it is learned that the outer packaging boxes of Dali winter jujube are selected and purchased by the wholesalers themselves, and the average price of plastic baskets and foam boxes is twoorthree yuan. However, in addition to these two types of packaging boxes, there are also some paper boxes, and the wholesale price of paper boxes is about four yuan

Dali winter jujube foreign dealers: when wholesale, sell with skin (with packaging)

in other words, these paper boxes containing dates sell the price of winter dates. Put a paper box on the platform scale, and the weighing result shows that it weighs three Jin and four Liang. I learned that the normal weight of paper boxes is generally around eight or nine. What is the secret of these paper boxes in the environment of green, environmental protection and lightweight? Why are winter jujube wholesalers keen to sell winter jujubes in such cartons

laissez faire cement cartons eventually harm the winter jujube brand

originally, these four Jin cartons are doped with cement, but unlike the past, the method of adding cement is more hidden. From the appearance, there is no trace of adulteration

the purchase price of winter jujube with good quality is close to 6 or 7 yuan per kilogram locally. If this kind of cement carton with a weight of 4.5 kilograms that can hold 20 kilograms of winter jujube is used, each box of winter jujube can generate an extra profit of 20 yuan out of thin air. Of course, the wool comes from the sheep, and the profit of these 20 yuan will eventually be paid by every ordinary consumer. This is because both of them are made of elastomer materials, and the price of winter jujube per kilogram is virtually pushed up by about a dollar

it was learned that these large wholesalers purchased winter jujubes from Dali County, packed them in cement cartons, and sold them to major wholesale markets across the country. These second-hand vendors in the market share the weight of cement cartons into each kilogram of winter jujubes, and the loser is that they throw away every consumer when they get home. Similarly, these paper boxes mixed with cement have also been rejected by the recycling bin because they do not have the need to recycle resources

what measures does the local government have for the origin of winter jujube and the entrapment of cement cartons to consumers

Zhu, deputy mayor of Anren Town, Dali County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province: we only look at the quality of jujubes, and only check the quality of jujubes. As for the quality of winter jujube, the county has been tightening up year by year. Now we haven't paid attention to this matter on the packaging

looking at the jujube is really good, but looking at the cement carton again, it's really appetizing. In fact, this method of increasing the weight of cartons is a fraud. Dali Dongzao was originally a good brand, but if the relevant departments only pay attention to the quality of Dongzao and let this kind of cement cartons trap people, it will eventually hurt not only consumers, but also the brand of Dali Dongzao

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