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The hidden "pain" of the industrial transfer of fastener enterprises

industrial supporting problems occur frequently

in 2007, Ningbo fastener industry association and seven enterprises including Ningbo Donggang, Ningbo Yonggang and Wenzhou Xianfeng jointly invested 1billion yuan to establish Xingtai Ningbo Fastener Co., Ltd. At that time, the project of building the largest producing area of fasteners in the north with the collective strength of Ningbo was called the fastener industry transfer demonstration project by the China Fastener Association

the operation of this project is not ideal. It has been stopped at present, with a loss of about 100million yuan. Chen Guanda, Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang fastener industry association, told. It is understood that the reason why Xingtai Ningbo Fastener Co., Ltd. failed is mainly because the local hard environment and soft environment are not ideal

in recent years, more fastener enterprises in Zhejiang Province have transferred to Jiangxi, with a total of hundreds at present. It is understood that Jiangxi's industrial parks generally have problems of unreasonable structure and imperfect industrial chain supporting facilities

the person in charge of a Wenzhou enterprise stationed in Jiangxi Poyang Lutian Industrial Park told us that at the beginning, the supporting facilities could not keep up. Electroplating and wire drawing did bring us many problems, and now they are gradually improving

the upstream and downstream industrial chains here are not matched. For example, if electroplating is to be carried back to Zhejiang or other distant places, the cost will be doubled. The person in charge of a Wenzhou enterprise stationed in Jiangxi Shangrao economic and Technological Development Zone said

in the past few years, many enterprises expanded and developed, and many of them went to Jiangxi for ten thousand years. At that time, Wannian County provided land free of charge and at zero cost in order to drive labor and fiscal revenue. However, due to the shortage of land in Zhejiang, many enterprises invest and set up factories at a low cost. Chen Guanda said, however, there is also the problem of imperfect industrial supporting facilities for thousands of years. Everything that needs to be handled should return to Zhejiang, which increases the logistics cost

in addition, most of the transfer types of fastener enterprises in Zhejiang belong to the migration of similar enterprises. Although this can share resources and enhance the ability to resist risks, it is inevitable to produce homogeneous competition, and the price competition is relatively serious

aspects of immigration problems

four fastener enterprises in Zhejiang have settled in Anhui and have been developing locally for about threeorfour years. Liuxiaolong, President of Anhui fastener industry association, has witnessed the growth of these enterprises. He also saw the problems faced by immigrant enterprises

there are three problems worth noting in the industrial transfer of enterprises. First, the cultivation of the market after settling in the local area is very critical; Second, wire drawing, surface treatment, packaging and other comprehensive supporting facilities are very important. In the past, many enterprises found many problems in supporting facilities after running out; The third is whether we can adapt to the local environment. The main thing we use is whether we can get support and establish a good and harmonious relationship through communication with the local government. If this link is not handled well, it will bring a lot of trouble to the enterprise, which has happened before. When the relationship between the two is not harmonious, people from relevant government departments will make a big fuss on the audit. These people are completely self-interest, looking for trouble in tax, safety, fire protection and other aspects, looking for corporate donations, and even involving in internal recruitment, type of work arrangements and other matters. Liu Xiaolong said

the fastener industry in Ouhai District of Wenzhou is facing the problem of overall relocation. It is understood that at present, several enterprises have moved to Qingtian, Lishui, but more enterprises are still looking for suitable places to immigrate

zhouyanzhu, Secretary General of Ouhai fastener industry association, said: there are three problems in the relocation of our enterprises. First, there are ports in Wenzhou, and raw materials such as steel are transported to the original ecological park through the ports, which is relatively close. After moving, the journey is long, and the transportation cost naturally increases; Second, the industrial supporting facilities in Wenzhou are good. If a part of you is broken, it can be delivered within a day; Third, there are electroplating bases in Wenzhou, and other places may not be able to compare with Wenzhou in these aspects

if you want to live, you have to move, or you have to die. This is already a matter of life and death. Zhou Yanzhu said that for those who meet the conditions, we have the intention to move there. Electroplating facilities should be available, transportation should be convenient, and logistics should be guaranteed

however, if enterprises want to move out, they will first encounter many problems in finding suitable immigration places. Chen Guanda told: if you choose the surrounding provinces, your living habits will be relatively close, and the cultural and regional differences will not be great; The transportation is also convenient. Managers and technicians can be dispatched there. They are unwilling to go to places too far away; And whether the workers in the surrounding provinces are diligent. Employees in places such as Hebei and Guizhou are often unwilling to work overtime. Therefore, considering the culture, management, cost and other aspects, the surrounding provinces are relatively better

at the same time, Chen Guanda also talked about the situation of Taiwan's fastener industry, which is also a wave of migration. However, their migration is different from that of mainland enterprises

it is understood that at the beginning, Taiwan's tight enterprises valued the broad market and low cost in the mainland, so they invested and set up factories in the mainland. But now the cost of taxes and utilities in the mainland is almost twice that of Taiwan, and the labor cost is close to Taiwan. On the other hand, Taiwan enterprises have strong brand awareness and pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, while the mainland is still relatively lacking in this regard. Therefore, Taiwan enterprises have chosen to move back. Chen Guanda said: I obviously feel that the number of enterprises relocating has increased significantly in the past two years

be cautious about tight enterprise migration

on the topic of industrial transfer, I also interviewed some business leaders who did not migrate, and they also expressed some of their views

Chen Zhengliang, general manager of Zhejiang New Oriental Fastener Co., Ltd., said: the government supports and encourages some enterprises to go out. There is an industrial park in Anhui, but no one here goes. Because one side of the soil and water nourishes one side of the people, you have to run out at a higher risk. There are many factors that determine the hardness of thin sheet materials and thin wire materials. For example, employees have different habits

the fastener industry is a labor-intensive industry, and it is not very difficult to recruit workers. I feel that relocation seems unnecessary. If enterprises move out, a series of problems will also arise. How to solve the industrial supporting? Gu zhaogen, general manager of Pinghu Julong Fastener Co., Ltd., said

Zhang Minjia, the business manager of Haiyan Sanma Standard Parts Co., Ltd., said that he didn't know much about industrial transfer. I think enterprises that make ordinary products may face more difficulties, so they should consider transformation and upgrading and relocation. However, Sanma is a manufacturer of high-strength fasteners and has never been involved in relocation

Zhang Minjia's words actually pointed out a fundamental problem: the current industrial transfer of some tight enterprises is actually only an expedient measure. Enterprises should develop steadily and for a long time, transformation and upgrading, 9 It is fundamental to stop the granulator operation and adjust the product structure

Wang Wei, President of Ningbo fastener industry association, said: especially Xingtai Ningbo Fastener Co., Ltd. is not ideal, so now everyone is more cautious about relocating and setting up factories. When asked what the association could do for the enterprise, he said frankly No. In fact, whether to immigrate and whether the immigration is successful or not depends on the enterprise itself

Wang Wei said: the relocation of enterprises is mainly a policy issue. Now there is a saying called open the door to attract investment and close the door to beat the dog. This sentence also really shows that some enterprises inevitably encounter problems when investing and setting up factories abroad

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