A brief introduction to the special printing proce

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A brief introduction to the special printing process of Braille books

braille is a Pinyin text composed of raised ideas. Blind people can read words by touching the position of ideas with their hands. Therefore, Braille books are printed by special methods

the printing process of Braille books is:

typesetting, proofreading, changing the plate making, printing and binding


according to the plate making and printing requirements of Braille books, personnel carry out layout design

II. Typesetting

Braille Computer typesetting system is used to impose a 20% tariff on waste pulp, input Braille, typeset and store it on disk

III. proofing

input the text information in the disk into a special Braille proofing machine to produce proofs

IV. proofreading

the market demand for blind proofreaders to listen while CFRTP will be improved, and the proofreading samples will be touched by hand, and the wrong words or parts will be marked

v. revision

the typesetter modifies the text layout stored in the computer according to the annotation of the proof. Repeat many times until the correction is correct

VI. plate making

input the typesetting information in the disk into the Braille typewriter. A double-layer iron sheet is installed on the plate making machine. After the machine is started, according to the position of Braille ideas, concave and convex ideas are punched on the iron sheet to make Braille plates. In fact, it does not mean that resources can be obtained at a very low price

VII. Printing

fix the double-layer concave convex iron plate on the two rollers of the circular press respectively, align the rules, and install the web plate. After the machine is started, the cardboard passes through the plate, and is pressurized by the roller and numbered with adhesive label paper, and the raised Braille dots are formed on the cardboard

VIII. Binding

the printed Braille pages become books for the blind after manual page matching, sewing and pasting the book cover

Braille books can also be printed with microsphere foaming ink by combining plate making photography and silk printing

the main component of microsphere foaming ink is a sphere with a diameter of 5 ~ 80 m, filled with low boiling point solvent. After the sphere is heated, the low boiling solvent vaporizes, and the volume of the microspheres will increase by 5 ~ 30 times

Braille printed with silk is dried at low temperature, and then heated at 130 ℃ to expand the microspheres in the ink, and the raised Braille dots are formed at the ink stained parts

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