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There are hidden worries behind the "great leap forward" in fan manufacturing

recently, fan fires and collapses have occurred one after another, while the number of fans leaving the factory is rising sharply, and the single machine capacity is also growing. The quality problem of fans has attracted the attention of all stakeholders in the industrial chain, and this industry needs to increase some sense of hardship

wind power is on fire, but it is followed by more and more questions

you can't rush forward any more. You must stop and think! I am a person who has experienced the iron and steel period. I can't let wind power or wind turbine manufacturing take the road of great leap forward. Speaking of this topic, Ni Weidou is a little excited. I'm not throwing cold water on wind power. I'm just calling for the benign development of the industry

Ni Weidou, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and former vice president of Tsinghua University, began to intervene in the wind power industry in the early 1990s and served as an independent director of Goldwind technology, a representative enterprise of China's first batch of wind turbine manufacturers, for six years. In fact, Ni Weidou is not the first, let alone the only one to pour cold water

the development of an industry depends on the number of enterprises with real R & D level. For example, LCD TV, which has been developed for so many years, looks like a thing, but the core technology is not its own, so the industry cannot have a virtuous cycle. As wind power, which belongs to the source of open-loop control system, 95% of enterprises have no independent research and development ability, either buying drawings or relying on foreign technology, except that a few have certain adaptability. A senior person in the wind turbine industry who declined to be named said

on the surface, the wind power industry, especially the wind turbine manufacturing industry, has always been a thriving scene. However, it is no longer the case that fan manufacturers buy drawings to make fans. More than ten years ago, the forced action of domestic fans at the beginning has continued to this day. Now the core part of fans is still relying on foreign technology

even have to admit that although there are few reports of fan collapse and fire accidents, this exists after all, and once became the focus of controversy on a small scale

if an industry has problems from the source, it will be terrible to avoid them instead of solving them. Many people in the fan manufacturing industry have expressed concern

Shi Pengfei, vice chairman of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, even predicted that 2010 might be a disaster for China

what happened to the fan manufacturing industry? What is the meaning behind the sound development and sense of hardship in the mouth of experts and insiders? In this regard, energy magazine visited a large number of equipment manufacturers, wind farm owners and industry experts, trying to clarify the crux behind it and convey more constructive opinions

when oil leakage became a normal situation

when we received the first batch of 750 kW fans, the gearbox almost broke down in a year or two. Later, we had to propose to extend the shelf life and implement the new rule of two plus three, that is, to extend the shelf life by three years. The owner of the wind farm said

what fault? Ask

the gearbox leaks oil. Moreover, many blade tips were thrown out during operation

what should the manufacturer do

the manufacturer adopts the method of changing as soon as possible. We think it is not advisable. We should take precautions and do a good job in quality

wind farm owners are helpless, because oil leakage, which seems to be a serious accident in the power industry, has become a normal situation. Moreover, this is only the tip of the iceberg. What's more, there are many fire and collapse accidents in some wind farms

on a station called Douding, a group of photos entitled "Suzlon and Dongfang turbine incident", which reduced the weight to very low, were posted. The huge tower drum was broken from the root, and the leaf parts were no longer recognizable, but there were black traces after the fire

we are all optimistic about Dongqi, but we didn't expect it to become the first enterprise to have an accident. The representative of a foreign enterprise in China expressed puzzlement

this is not the only accident. At the beginning of the year, the fan collapse accident of Datang Zuoyun project caused a tumult. The accident report is as follows:

on January 20, 2010, the normal rail maintenance personnel strengthened the main beam of the fan blade. During this period, due to the strong wind, they could not normally enter the hub to work until January 27, 2010. At 10:20 on the 28th, the normal rail maintenance personnel started the fan locally. By January 31, the 43 × fan sent out multiple alarms, such as blade 1 fast, too slow to retract the propeller, etc. at 2:27, the high vibration value alarm of vibration band 11 was distributed, and the fan was shut down quickly. 8: 00, the fan defect management personnel informed the person in charge of normal rail maintenance, and at 18:00, the normal rail maintenance personnel reset and started on site after handling the defects. Until 3:18 on February 1, there was no alarm message for the 43 × wind turbine before, and a collapse occurred. The middle and upper sections of the tower, the fan engine room and the hub are laid on the ground, and the upper section of the tower is distorted in the middle. The wind turbine fell to the ground and all of them were broken, the connection between the gearbox and the hub main shaft sleeve was broken, the gearbox coupling was broken, the blades were broken from the edge, and a large number of fillers were scattered on the ground

the industry was also shocked after the accident, but it was only a small shock, because no one was willing to spread the accident. According to a person familiar with the matter. However, someone posted such a post on the station: the collapsed fan passed the 240 hour on-site acceptance, and the fan only operated for about two months. During the operation, the torque inspection and maintenance of the tower bolts were not carried out as required. The main reasons are as follows: first, Datang entrusted Shanxi testing company to test the flange material of the tower. The test result is that the low-temperature impact toughness of the flange is far from meeting the requirements of the national standard with the support of national "863" and natural science foundation projects. 2、 The on-site construction unit of the wind farm did not follow the construction requirements for bolt torque. Most of the tower connecting bolts of the unit have insufficient torque, and some bolts can be screwed by hand

therefore, the tower produced in Wuhan and its outsourced flange immediately became the target of public criticism

but is that all? Is it just an unknown tower manufacturer? The answer is No

wind power is different from thermal power units. Oneortwo turbines have problems, and the impact is not as big as thermal power. Owners and equipment manufacturers are also reluctant to say. In fact, most of the time, it is caused by the maintenance personnel changing the parameters indiscriminately, and the user does not understand it, so there is a problem. Because there is a provision that users can be handed over within 500 hours without any problem, in order to operate stably within the time of getting the payment back, some irresponsible maintenance personnel changed the setting value, which is equivalent to removing the safety protection at will. Wind farm owners are very anxious, because they know that this is very detrimental to the development of the industry, but they can't control it

but what can we do? Parts can be replaced within the two-year warranty period, but after the warranty period

you can only make enough spare parts by yourself. But we hope that the current situation of headache and foot pain will end quickly. Question the equipment supplier or ask yourself? The owner of a wind farm tried to make the visitors understand his difficulties in short words. We are very supportive of the development of domestic wind turbines, but we should develop healthily

acceleration causes anxiety

the occurrence of accidents has sounded the alarm again and again. However, it is disturbing that various data show that since 2008, the capacity of wind turbines has increased rapidly, and this year, it is exactly the time when the two-year warranty period expires. These accidents are only the beginning, and later problems will gradually be exposed, and there may be more. Many people began to worry

the fan industry has developed too fast in recent years, which is explosive. Dongxing securities power equipment analyst Zhou Hongyu said

80, what is this concept? There are less than 20 famous manufacturers in the world, and there are nearly 100 in our country. This is an extremely abnormal phenomenon. Ni Weidou said

however, Zhou Hongyu, who has been doing research on power equipment, believes that it is not so serious. He analyzes that when wind power is hot, many enterprises have launched projects, but the previous paragraph began to put forward the argument of overcapacity. In fact, about 20 of the 80 enterprises can really do wind turbines, and only 10 of them have commercial production scale. After the gold rush, it is good to have about 10 left in the market

however, the acceleration and competition of domestic fan manufacturers have been dazzling

the first batch are the old brand equipment manufacturers represented by Jinfeng. In 2003 and 2007, the sales revenue of wind turbines of Goldwind maintained a growth rate of more than 35%. It was 200million yuan in 2004 and 400million yuan in 2005. The market share of domestic wind turbines has reached more than 30%

although the installed capacity of Jinfeng has doubled for several consecutive years, it is still overtaken by Huarui, who is 8 years younger

according to the data, Sinovel wind power technology (Group) Co., Ltd. is known as the first professional high-tech enterprise in China that independently develops, designs, manufactures and sells large-scale land, offshore and intertidal wind turbines that adapt to different global winds and realize the closure of the industrial chain of AVIC and other ordnance industries and the recycling of resources and environmental conditions in the resource chain. In 2008, the newly added installed capacity of wind power was 1403mw, ranking first in China and seventh in the world; In 2009, the installed capacity of new wind power was 3510mw, ranking first in China and third in the world. The sales revenue also increased from 210 million yuan in 2006 to 2.499 billion yuan in 2007, and then reached 5.146 billion yuan in 2008

in 2007, the wind power machines purchased from Sinovel by the five power generation groups accounted for 63.3% of the total sales. In recent years, Sinovel has undertaken the supply of more than 80 projects, including phase II, phase III, phase IV and phase V projects of the national wind power concession, as well as several major national wind power special projects such as ten million kilowatt wind power bases in Gansu, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu

Dongfang turbine works, which was traumatized by the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, ranks third in China. In November, 2004, Dong Qi introduced a set of fd70 strong wind and FD77 weak wind 1.5MW wind turbines with advanced technology from German REpower company. In April, 2005, Dongfang motor successfully obtained the order of 7 wind turbines from Rongcheng, Shandong Province, China, and 7 wind turbines were put into commercial operation at the end of the same year. By the end of 2008, the total output of Dongqi wind turbine has exceeded 1000 units. In 2009, Dongqi completed 1804.3mw wind power equipment, and once surpassed Jinfeng, ranking second

these three companies are only representatives. As far as the country is concerned, the growth rate of China's new wind power installed capacity has been above 100% since 2004, of which, from 2005 to 2007, the growth rate has exceeded 150%

in addition to the installation, what the induced draft fan manufacturers pursue is that the single unit capacity of the fan is also rising

the latest news from Sinovel is that the 5 MW wind turbine assembly project of Sinovel wind power technology (Gansu) Co., Ltd., with an investment of 280million yuan, has been signed and settled in Jiuquan Industrial Park. After the completion of the project, 300 5 MW wind turbines will be produced annually. Yu Jianjun, vice president of Sinovel, said that the first phase of the project has formed a large-scale production capacity of 1.5 MW and 3 MW wind turbines. In 2010, 5MW wind turbines will be offline and more than 2million kW wind turbines will be produced. At present, the second phase of the development and large-scale production of the land-based 5 megawatt super large-scale wind turbine is under construction

Jinfeng proposed that 6 MW is being developed, while haizhuang and Xiangdian are 5 MW

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