High energy, a big wave of paint black technology

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High energy ahead! A wave of black paint technology is coming

high energy ahead! A large wave of black technology in paint is coming

October 13, 2017

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I don't know since when, paint has also played with black technology, and some coatings with antibacterial, antifouling and formaldehyde removal properties have been labeled as black technology. However, in the author's opinion, these "black technologies" are still too traditional and not enough to break through. Previously, Huicong paint also introduced some black technology of paint, such as color changing paint and a kind of paint that can be invulnerable to anything coated with it. Today, the author will introduce several kinds of paint black technology to you, which will definitely subvert your cognition

power on, brighten and blind your eyes - electroluminescent paint

the first thing pulled out is electroluminescent paint. As the name suggests, as long as this paint is coated on the surface of any object, with an electric current, the surface can glow. Does it sound magical? There is such a coating on the market. It is understood that lumilor is such an electroluminescent coating. Like normal coatings, it can be applied to the surface of plastic, metal, glass, from material development to simulated carbon fiber and other materials, and can also be perfectly attached to various curved surfaces, edges and corners, and irregular shaped substrates. At present, lumilor has been applied to many fields, such as car refitting, aircraft fuselage, night safety lighting of bicycles, helmets, clothing, etc

lumilor is developed by the darkside scientific team in the United States. It is about 0.1mm thick after drying. In order to meet other needs such as weather resistance and earthquake resistance, it needs to apply an additional layer of finish paint. The light emitted by lumilor paint can penetrate several kinds of paint. Therefore, the objects sprayed with this paint look no different before being powered on, but they will glow after being powered on, showing different colors, including white, green, blue-green, orange and other colors. Moreover, the color can also be customized. Lumilor once cooperated with Tesla to create a customized Tesla Model s. This customized Tesla Model s uses transparent electroluminescent paint and has a special switch in the car. It can emit fluorescence at night, like a jellyfish, which is very dazzling

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lumilor is even considered to replace LED lighting, because compared with other light sources, it has many advantages: it has a higher degree of freedom in design, and its shape can be changed arbitrarily; Good safety, complete cold light source, no heat, no electric shock; Energy saving and environmental protection, the luminous efficiency is more than 7 times that of traditional LED light sources. However, lumilor also has its disadvantages. The luminous brightness will change with the increase of service time. The longer the power on time is, the darker the brightness is

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in April this year, lumilor and Taiwan xiangteng optoelectronics Co., Ltd. signed the general agent of lumilor electroluminescent coatings produced by Darkside scientific in the United States in Chinese Mainland. I believe we can see this kind of paint in some places in China in a short time

when powered on, there are screens everywhere - conductive touch paint

next, we will introduce a kind of conductive paint. Its magic is that it can turn almost all surfaces into touch pads. Recently, Carnegie Mellon University in the United States developed a new touch technology - "electric" technology. The R & D team has used this technology to turn the surface of almost any object into a touch screen, from guitars to game consoles, and even "brains" and snowmen. It is reported that electric uses a software algorithm to read the finger press by measuring the current change on the conductive surface. When the finger touches, the current is interrupted, and then "electric" can accurately detect which point of the object is touched

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Alcoa has strong R & D ability

in the future, this technology is expected to turn walls, furniture, steering wheels, toys and even jelly, apples and bananas into touch sensors. Imagine that one day in the future, when you wash your face, you touch the wall or 3 The glass of the host can be used to watch and read information. When driving, it is very convenient to touch the steering wheel, use gestures to control the sound or switch radio stations. This kind of paint makes the life described in the advertising video of "uncover the secrets of future life beyond science fiction blockbusters" (you can go and have a look if you are interested) a reality. I can't imagine what can't be achieved in the future

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moreover, the conductive touch surface used in "electric" technology can be made by conductive paint, large plastic or film with carbon element. Therefore, this technology is not only applicable to enthusiasts, but also applicable to industrial manufacturing solutions, such as spraying, vacuum molding, with the main goal of increasing variety, improving quality and economic benefits, casting/molding, and 3D printing technology

see the cracking degree of earthquake houses at a glance - Smart graphene coating

finally, a coating that can see the cracking of earthquake houses at a glance, Its raw material is graphene, which is believed to overturn the silicon era. Researchers at Leibniz polymer Institute in Germany have developed an intelligent graphene coating. Where the housing structure breaks, the graphene coating will remind us through its own color changes

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according to 36 krypton, the R & D team was inspired by the reflected light of fish scales and designed a graphene coating, which can amplify the light of a specific wavelength and weaken some other light waves. When they placed the graphene sheet at some specific angles, they found that the damaged area will reflect red, yellow and green light, while the intact area will not reflect light. Different colors show the severity of damage in specific areas

this graphene coating can be applied in the fields of houses, bridges, aircraft and space stations. It can provide early warning of micro cracks that are difficult to observe by human eyes to ensure the safety of people's lives and property, especially for the construction and protection of houses in earthquake prone areas

the above are the three black paint technologies introduced by the author. I don't know if there are any that interest you. The development of technology is changing with each passing day, and the needs of consumers are also changing. These paint black technologies are not well known to the public now, but it is difficult to guarantee that they will not become indispensable products in a certain field in the future, and even become popular all over the world

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