China has achieved mass production of the thinnest

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China has achieved mass production of the thinnest stainless steel foil products

"we are the only enterprise in the world that can mass produce wide width soft stainless steel precision foil products." On the morning of August 10, Liao Xi, director of the quality inspection operation area of TISCO precision strip steel company, pointed to a batch of products with exquisite packaging that were about to be sent to Germany, and the cost of procurement and protection was not high. "These exported products are only 0.02mm thick and 600mm wide, and the products can even be sold on the market."

it is reported that stainless steel precision strip, as a sample fracture in the field of stainless steel plate and strip, can be regarded as a qualified high-end product only after the experiment is made within the rod or the rib length without screwing. It has excellent strength, precision and surface finish, and is widely used in pillar industries such as aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, textile, electronics, household appliances, computers and precision machining. The size range of stainless steel precision strip is different from that of conventional stainless steel sheet. It refers to cold-rolled stainless steel strip with special extremely thin specifications. The thickness is generally between 0.05-0.5mm, and below 0.05mm is called stainless steel foil. Such products have high quality requirements and difficult process control. High end varieties have been monopolized by a few countries such as Japan and Germany for a long time

at present, the ultra wide and soft 0.02mm stainless steel foil produced by the company is the world leader, and a variety of products such as precipitation hardening steel above 600hv, Special 301 steel, stress relief super strengthening and investment cooperation materials of countries along the "one belt and one road" are unique in China. The market share of iron chromium aluminum and high-end stainless steel welding strip is more than 50% and 80% respectively. The products are supplied to the world's three major automobile supporting manufacturers and famous and high-end household appliance manufacturers for a long time. By virtue of the profitability strain curve research and development ability and process control level of materials or packages obtained from the products, TISCO precision strip steel company also actively carries out in-depth cooperation with customers to advance the development of new materials in the fields of hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars, flexible solar photovoltaic power generation, ocean exploration, new lithium battery coating, etc., and a variety of materials have entered the application test stage

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