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As of 10 a.m. on September 10, 2009, China plastic price index fell 0.11 points to 973.39 points, and China plastic spot index rose 2.30 points to 1027.15 points

I. upstream developments:

the settlement price of October light and low sulfur crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 21 cents, or 0.3%, to $71.31 a barrel. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures contract on ice futures exchange was $69.83 a barrel, up 41 cents, or 0.6%

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

PetroChina South China HDPE inventory is general, and now it is listed for sale. Lanzhou Petrochemical reported 60550 at 10600 yuan/ton, Dushanzi Petrochemical reported 6070 at 10600 yuan/ton

the overall inventory of HDPE in CNPC East China is general, and it is now listed for sale. Dushanzi 6070 reported 10400 yuan/ton, Daqing Petrochemical 2200j reported 10400 yuan/ton

the PE inventory of Sinopec North China branch is general, and now some are sold at fixed prices. Yanshan Petrochemical reported 10200 yuan/ton for 5000S and 10300 yuan/ton for 6100m

Shanghai Jinfei PE inventory is general, and now it is sold at a fixed price. The unit produces tr480. 10500 yuan/ton for 5502 and 10600 yuan/ton for tr480. The unit is scheduled to be overhauled for two weeks at the end of October, and the capacity of the unit is 140000 tons/year

Shanghai Petrochemical has general inventory, and some of them are listed for sale. Low voltage device production ygh041. Mh602 quoted 10400 yuan/ton, ygho41 quoted 10400 yuan/ton

the inventory in Yanshan Petrochemical PE plant is normal, and it is currently listed for sale. Low voltage line 1 produces 6100m, and line 2 is converted to 5000S. 10200 yuan/ton for 5000S, 5200b7. Sample diameter: 10300 yuan/ton for 10400mm

III. local market conditions:

in this morning's trading, the plastic analysis board provided automatic and manual analysis modes for the listing of cargo malls. The quotation of HDPE categories was basically stable, and a few brands were adjusted, with a range of yuan/ton. Hdpe/50 Jinan experimental machine factory takes you to know about the experimental machine 00s/Lanzhou Petrochemical reported 10400 yuan/ton, up 150 yuan/ton. Hdpe/hd5070fa/Panjin Ethylene reported 10600 yuan/ton, down 350 yuan/ton. Hdpe/f600/Korea Petrochemical reported 11150 yuan/ton, up 350 yuan/ton. Hdpe/hd5502fa/Shanghai Secco reported 10000 yuan/ton, down 400 yuan/ton

transactions in Yuyao PE market were light, and inquiries were also scarce. Traders continued to maintain yesterday's prices. Both the buyer and the seller are on the sidelines, lacking clear views on the future market, and the market supply is still relatively sufficient. Daqing 5000S reported 10300 yuan/ton

the quotation of PE market in Beijing is stable, the enthusiasm of downstream inquiry is not high, and there are not many transactions for the time being. Yanshan Petrochemical 5000S is 10200 yuan/ton, and Yanshan Petrochemical 6100m is 10350 yuan/ton

the price of PE market in Hangzhou stabilized, and the transaction was light. The traders maintained yesterday's price, while the demander also maintained a wait-and-see attitude, and the transaction continued to be in a stalemate. Yangzi Petrochemical reported 10200 yuan/ton for 5000S and 10500 yuan/ton for 5306j

there are still few inquiries in Nanjing PE market, and the price is stable. There are a few transactions in hollow, but the price is low. Hollow/injection molding is still in short supply

the PE market price in Tianjin Port remained stable, and downstream inquiries were not as good as yesterday, with few transactions. International crude oil failed to continue to support the market, and the rising momentum of the market disappeared. Businesses lack confidence in the future market, and the general operability is not strong

the PE market quotation in Shunde remained stable as a whole, and there was no significant change in the transaction, and merchants mainly actively shipped. Maoming 8916 reported 10200 yuan/ton, Lanzhou 5000S reported 9800 yuan/ton

the price of PE market in Shanghai is basically stable, and the transaction is weak. The buyer has avoided low-cost resources. There is certain interest in the process of material experiment due to loose parts, but at present, the negotiation is very difficult. Lanhua 5000S reported 10300 yuan/ton, and Shanghai Petrochemical mh602 reported 10250 yuan/ton

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