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We will further deepen economic and trade exchanges with the EU and European countries, steadily promote dialogue and cooperation in economic and trade fields, and promote the sustained, stable and healthy development of China EU economic and trade relations

The frequent exchange of high-level visits has consolidated the political foundation of China EU economic and trade cooperation. The two sides signed more than 50 commercial agreements with an amount of more than US $11billion, covering many fields such as finance, environmental protection, machinery manufacturing, aviation, new energy, chemicals, infrastructure and cross-border e-commerce. The China EU leaders' meeting, the China EU high level economic and trade dialogue, and the China CEE leaders' meeting were successfully held one after another. While strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation, China and the EU effectively manage and control economic and trade frictions and promote the resolution of key issues of concern. In September, leaders of European countries and EU institutions such as Germany, France, Italy, Britain and Spain came to China to attend the G20 Hangzhou summit. Close communication and cooperation between China and the EU have laid a solid foundation for both sides to strengthen cooperation in international affairs and improve global economic governance

the continuous deepening of strategic docking has deepened the integration of interests between China and the EU in various fields. First, China and the EU actively promoted the docking of the "the Belt and Road" initiative with the European investment plan, and reached a consensus on adopting project level cooperation under the framework of the "China EU investment fund". Second, significant progress has been made in the construction of China EU connectivity platform. The two sides have determined the working mechanism and the list of priority actions for demonstration projects. Third, China and the EU have established a digital economy expert working group and a network security expert working group, which have improved the top-level design and mechanism construction of China EU digital economy cooperation. China and Germany have established a docking and coordination mechanism between "made in China 2025" and "German industry 4.0". Fourth, China EU cooperation in the fields of circular economy and green development, 5g and finance has made positive progress, expanding the depth and breadth of China EU cooperation

the steady growth of two-way investment highlights the great potential of China EU economic and trade cooperation. In terms of investment, EU investment in China has increased significantly, becoming a prominent highlight of bilateral economic and trade cooperation. In June, the actual investment of EU in China was US $7.56 billion, an increase of 35.4%; In the same period, our enterprises' investment and M & A projects in Europe were frequent. In terms of technology introduction, Europe remains the largest source of technology introduction. As of the end of October 2016, I have imported more than 50000 technologies from Europe, with a contract amount of nearly US $200billion

the dialogue between government and enterprises has achieved remarkable results, which has enhanced the trade exchanges and exchanges between China and Europe, which are facing severe challenges in the commercial development of all vanadium liquid flow energy storage batteries. On the one hand, the government dialogue mechanism has been continuously improved. Since this year, Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have co chaired the fourth round of Sino German government consultations, and the Ministry of Commerce has held a mixed economic and trade (joint) committee meeting with the European Union and 17 European countries to reach broad consensus on jointly promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road", infrastructure interconnection, strengthening local cooperation and other topics. On the other hand, exchanges at the enterprise level are increasingly frequent and deepening. During the third world interconnection conference in November, the Ministry of Commerce hosted the "China EU digital economy dialogue" forum, which was attended by about 200 government and enterprise representatives from China, France, Italy and other European countries to exchange policies and practices in the field of China EU digital economy and explore potential cooperation opportunities; The Sino German Economic Advisory Committee will continue to play the role of "the second track" according to the application status of machinery and the application of oil; The Sino Italian entrepreneurs' committee and other enterprise exchange mechanisms have been continuously improved, promoting the signing of business projects with a total amount of more than 2billion euros between Chinese and European enterprises, involving high-speed rail, automobile, steel, environmental protection and other fields

"16+1" cooperation has yielded fruitful results and has become an important starting point for the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy. First, bilateral trade continued to grow. In 2016, the bilateral trade volume reached US $47.7 billion, an increase of 3.6% year-on-year. Second, the field of two-way investment continues to expand. According to incomplete statistics, 16 central and Eastern European countries have invested more than 1.3 billion US dollars in China, involving machinery manufacturing, auto parts, chemical industry, finance, environmental protection and other fields; Chinese enterprises have completed the functions of pulling, pressing, bending, shearing, stripping, tearing, friction coefficient, change, etc. Eastern European countries have invested more than 5billion dollars, involving machinery, chemical industry, it, telecommunications, home appliances, new energy, logistics, commerce, finance and other fields. Third, infrastructure and connectivity cooperation has become a new highlight of bilateral cooperation, and the overall progress of the project is smooth

the continuous promotion of third-party market cooperation has added impetus to the development of China EU economic and trade cooperation. Some Chinese and European enterprises have made beneficial attempts at third-party market cooperation through strategic cooperation, equity mergers and acquisitions, and the establishment of joint ventures

local cooperation is becoming more and more mature, opening a new model of mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the EU. Preliminary progress has been made in the pilot of China France Langfang pension cooperation and the China UK local economic and trade cooperation mechanism; Qingdao, Ningbo, Nanchang and Xuzhou have been listed as the first batch of pilot cities for China UK local economic and trade cooperation; Shenzhen established the "China EU enterprise development cooperation alliance"; More than 10 cooperation parks with Germany, including Taicang, Shenyang, Jieyang, Sichuan and Anhui, have been comprehensively promoted, and the foreign cooperation of Sino German, Sino Italian, Sino French, Sino Austrian, Sino Finnish and other ecological parks has been continuously expanded

2017 is an important year for the implementation of the 13th five year plan and the deepening of supply side structural reform. Standing at a new starting point and facing a more complex international political and economic situation, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to actively promote the docking of China EU development strategies, continue to deepen China EU practical economic and trade cooperation, properly handle trade frictions and differences, continue to work hard to build a good China EU four major partnership of "peace, growth, reform and civilization", and meet the victory of the 19th CPC National Congress with excellent results

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