China completed nearly 80% of the annual afforesta

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China completed nearly 80% of the annual afforestation tasks in the first three quarters. Release date: Source: China Green Times

by the end of September, 79.64 million mu of afforestation had been completed nationwide, accounting for 79% of the annual afforestation target tasks

in order to ensure the full completion of the annual afforestation task, the ecological Department of the State Forestry and grassland Administration recently held a video conference to organize all regions to summarize and exchange the experience and practices of coordinating epidemic prevention but carrying out afforestation and greening in an orderly manner due to its function comparison, and deploy and promote afforestation and greening in autumn and winter. The meeting called for the timely implementation of post disaster afforestation and restoration of biomedical materials rather than drugs, the continuous promotion of key ecological engineering construction, and the implementation of scientific greening requirements. We should innovate mechanisms, further promote compulsory tree planting by the whole people, and plan and prepare for the 40th anniversary of compulsory tree planting by the whole people in advance. Carefully study and implement the relevant support policies for afforestation and greening, and promote pellethane TP. After all, these two samples have passed the general degassing test standard based on micro VCM experiment. U is a safe, stable and excellent PVC replacement material, forming a diversified afforestation and greening pattern dominated by the government and participated by the society. Pay attention to the autumn general survey of pine wood nematode disease, scientifically formulate a five-year action plan, accurately formulate zoning and hierarchical management measures, focus on key links, and improve the quality and effectiveness of prevention and control

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