China France energy cooperation opens a new chapte

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China France energy cooperation opens a new chapter

in late April, French President Hollande visited China, and both sides agreed to expand cooperation in various fields. In the field of energy, China and France have reached the third major nuclear power technology cooperation in 30 years, and the smart electricity field, which has already been cooperated between the two sides, will also usher in new development

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[nuclear power]

China France cooperation may change the world nuclear power pattern

the third major nuclear power technical cooperation between China and France in 30 years marks the joint opening of a new chapter of cooperation in the field of nuclear power between the world's nuclear power powers and the world's largest nuclear power under construction. In the future, the cooperation between China and France in the field of nuclear energy will be equal strategic cooperation, including closed nuclear fuel cycle reprocessing, new nuclear reactor type research and development, which may change the pattern of the world's nuclear power industry

start the third major nuclear power technology cooperation

on April 25, CGNPC signed a joint statement on long-term cooperation with AREVA and EDF. A series of documents signed by the three companies stipulate that they will jointly develop advanced reactors to promote the overall safety level of the world's nuclear power industry. This is the third major nuclear power technology cooperation between China and France in 30 years

the above three enterprises jointly signed a joint statement to strengthen long-term cooperation in advanced reactor research and development, nuclear fuel and experience sharing, nuclear power plant operation and maintenance and performance improvement. Meanwhile, the three parties also signed a memorandum of understanding on the R & D and design of new nuclear reactor types in Beijing

at present, besides CGNPC, EDF has also signed cooperation agreements with many other large Chinese power groups

the establishment of a wide range of cooperative relations will help consolidate the position of EDF as the preferred partner for Chinese enterprises to slowly open the oil delivery valve. Through cooperation in related fields, France will achieve business breakthroughs in Asia, China and other markets in the world. Ma Shi Lu, vice president of Electricite de France, said

China is the largest growth point of nuclear power in the world

China and France have a 30-year basis for nuclear power cooperation. Since the early 1980s, EDF has been involved in the construction and operation of China's Daya Bay nuclear power project. In this cooperation 30 years later, Mars road stressed that EDF is the world's largest nuclear power operator, and CGNPC is the owner of the world's largest nuclear power development plan. It is necessary for both sides to strengthen nuclear power exchange and cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win results

as of April 2013, the number of CGN nuclear power units in operation was 7, with a total installed capacity of 7.21 million KW, accounting for 53% of the total installed capacity of nuclear power in operation in Chinese Mainland; There are 15 units under construction, with a total installed capacity of 17.75 million KW, accounting for 56% of the total installed capacity of nuclear power under construction in Chinese Mainland

experts generally believe that from a global perspective, China is currently the largest growth point in the world's nuclear power field. It is for this reason that major developed countries, including France and the United States, are gradually lowering the political threshold for China's export of nuclear power technology

at present, the fourth generation reactor technology in the world is in the development stage. The high temperature gas cooled reactor to be used in the Shidaowan nuclear power station in Shandong Province, China, which is under construction, is a fourth generation nuclear power technology

according to the data, France has the longest running and largest nuclear power system in the world, and it also has its own characteristics in technology. The joint development of a new generation of reactor technology by China and France may be one of the most important events in the field of nuclear power technology in the world


France has the largest proportion of nuclear power in the world

at present, France is the country with the highest proportion of nuclear power in the total national electricity in the world. At present, there are 59 nuclear power units in operation, with a total installed capacity of 66.13 million KW

the development of nuclear power in France is characterized by steady development. In the face of several major nuclear accidents in the world, France's determination, policies and plans to develop nuclear power have not wavered

French nuclear power reactor types are unified, standardized, systematic and procedural. Therefore, French nuclear power safety approval procedures are relatively simple, with short approval time, short construction cycle and low nuclear power cost

in terms of technical route, French nuclear power plants adopt closed fuel cycle, advanced post-treatment technology, and attach importance to the development of fast breeder reactors, trying to make full use of nuclear fuel

[smart electricity]

it is the common aspiration of both sides to accept more renewable energy

France is relatively scarce in energy resources, with limited oil and natural gas reserves, and coal resources have tended to be exhausted. At present, increasing the proportion of renewable energy in total energy consumption has become a priority for the French government when formulating relevant policies. China and France have common aspirations in accepting renewable energy and building smart electricity

France favors the cooperation between the two countries on smart electricity

in February this year, French State Secretary perelland at the ministerial level praised the construction of smart electricity in China in public and expressed his willingness to cooperate. Pelleran believes that there are many areas to be developed in the cooperation between the two countries, especially in the new technology and electronic fields she is responsible for. She said: I am very interested in the smart electricity projects that China is already building. I think that although the specific national conditions of France and China are different, this project may enlighten the French and carry out corresponding cooperation. In fact, investors in both countries can find investment opportunities in each other from the following three aspects

corrugated box enterprise testing instrument during French President Hollande's visit to China, the two countries issued a joint communique saying that both sides will make full efforts in the field of new energy

in recent years, the French government has actively promoted the construction of smart electricity by imposing a carbon dioxide emission tax and committing 400million euros to research and develop clean energy vehicles

in addition, France plans to have a wind power installed capacity of 20million kW by 2020, an increase of 300% over the current level. Therefore, it is an inevitable choice for France to promote the construction of smart electricity in order to better absorb clean energy

build China Technology Center to support the research and development of smart electricity

in 2011, French Alstom decided to vigorously expand its smart electricity business in China, and its China Technology Center for electricity business has also been unveiled in Shanghai. The company said that opening China Technology Center in Shanghai is committed to developing new solutions for powerful smart electricity

UHV transmission technology is an important research content of China Technology Center. Alstom public information shows that the China Technology Center, located in Shanghai Caohejing Pujiang high tech park, is a senior research and development and testing center integrating UHV AC, UHV DC transmission equipment and energy management solutions

arcron, chairman and CEO of Alstom, said that the technology center, with an investment of 47million euros, will be committed to helping the conception of future electricity demand and the development of new solutions. The technology center is designed to accommodate super large power equipment, and is equipped with ultra-high voltage test hall and R & D platform, such as scientific simulation tools, artificial climate room, temperature rise test laboratory, material test laboratory, etc

gebugiom, President of Alstom's power business, said that the opening of the R & D center is a key strategic measure for Alstom to carry out smart power business in China. It is reported that China is an important strategic area of Alstom, and the latest international technology center in China is another choice of the company after Villepin and Massey technology centers in France, Stamford technology center in Britain and Redmond technology center in the United States


the method invests 4billion euros to replace smart meters

the same as China, in order to speed up the promotion of smart electricity, French distribution company will gradually replace all the ordinary meters currently used by the residents of the country with smart meters. This energy-saving smart meter can enable customers to track their own power consumption and remotely control their power consumption. It is reported that the total investment in replacing smart meters is 4billion euros

EDF also actively communicates with customers to understand their demands. French energy regulatory regulations require that users can obtain electricity consumption data from Electricite de France on a weekly or monthly basis, and can also directly read metering data through remote access. To this end, EDF has set up seven remote meter reading centers, which can summarize the data to the headquarters meter counting and settlement system for relevant settlement and billing processing

results of China France cooperation in 2013

● the two countries decided to establish a high-level economic and financial dialogue mechanism

● the joint development of reliable and competitive new generation reactors by enterprises of the two countries is still difficult to dispel many doubts of the public about heavy metal pollution

● both sides continue to strengthen joint development, joint investment and joint production cooperation in the field of civil aviation and aviation industry

● both sides agreed to expand cooperation in the fields of railway, modern agriculture, food processing, industrial energy conservation, new energy, sustainable urban development, health and digitalization

● both sides will strengthen the negotiation of bilateral social insurance agreement, support the exchanges between small and medium-sized enterprises of the two countries and provide convenience

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