China has basically achieved two emission reductio

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China has basically achieved two emission reduction goals during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

Lego, the Environmental Resources Department of the national development and Reform Commission, has been using ABS plastics to produce its landmark building blocks since the 1960s. Li Jing, deputy director of Lego, pointed out on the 12th that in the first four years of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", China's energy consumption per unit of GDP has been reduced by about 2%, and the sulfur dioxide emission under the national key control has been reduced by 13.14%, and the two emission reduction goals have been basically achieved. Through a series of positive policies and actions, China has made remarkable achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction, and made important contributions to the global response to climate change

Li Jing said at the launching ceremony of the "low carbon enterprise action" jointly launched by the top ten Chinese and foreign enterprises that since the reform and opening up, China's economy has developed rapidly, but the pressure on resources and environment is increasing. Energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of circular economy, and a green and low-carbon development path have become very important and urgent work we face. The "Eleventh Five Year Plan" puts forward binding targets of reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP by about 2% and reducing the total emission of major pollutants by 10%. Over the past four years, all regions and departments have taken energy conservation and emission reduction as an important part of scientific development, and have made important progress through the implementation of a series of policies and measures such as key projects, technological progress, strengthening management, and carrying out actions. The national action on energy conservation and emission reduction needs the joint participation and support of enterprises and the whole society. The initiators of this action are well-known industry leaders in China. They hope that through this demonstration, they can lead Chinese enterprises to actively develop and promote low-carbon technologies, realize society, and make positive contributions to driving the awareness of all sectors of society to deal with climate change

the three-year "low carbon enterprise action" was jointly initiated by 10 Chinese and foreign enterprises, including Volkswagen Group (China), industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Pepsi Cola (China), Tsingtao beer, L'Oreal (China), general electric, Haier Group, Mengniu, Lenovo, Sohu. This is a joint action initiated by enterprises and jointly promoted by the government, local governments, upstream and downstream industry chains and academic institutions. It aims to condense the exemplary power of enterprises to help and guide enterprises and local governments to explore low-carbon development models and promote low-carbon economic growth

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Zhang Suixin, executive vice president of Volkswagen (China), said that Volkswagen has developed a set of green environmental protection plans for China's national conditions, covering raw material procurement, parts testing, product development, production, sales and after-sales service. Volkswagen is exploring more environmentally friendly and cleaner alternative energy at the strategic level to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. These low-carbon strategies will drive the development and transformation of upstream and downstream industries

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