China exported 320000 plastic machines in 2009

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In 2009, China exported 32000 plastic machines in total.

in 2009, China exported nearly 32000 plastic machines in total, with an amount of US $760 million; During the same period, 8315 sets were imported, with an amount of 1.26 billion US dollars. Except that the export volume of plastic hollow molding machines is slightly higher than the import volume, and sometimes the object of the experiment is high-value military products, the foreign trade of other types of plastic machines is a deficit

the injection molding machine is the champion of export and import, with nearly 11000 sets (-40%) exported and worth 360million US dollars (-34.3%); 52.74 million units (-49.1%) were imported, with us $520million (-41.4%)

in addition to injection molding machines, the export value of other extruders and blow molding machines also exceeded US $100 million, which were US $140 million (-31.5%) and US $110 million (+2.3%) respectively. The export volume of plastic calender () is the lowest, only 9.83 million US dollars. The export volume of plastic hollow molding machines increased significantly by 172.5% year-on-year to 25.53 million units, and 71 sets were imported (-37.2%)

in terms of import volume, following the injection molding machine, there are other extruders, blow molding machines and plastic granulators, with the import volume of more than US $100million

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