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Lamps and lanterns warm the hearts of the people: China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. added new street lamps for anding village, Huangni town.

today, it is a manufacturer specializing in laboratory specific material performance testing instruments and experimental machines. Li Xinpei, deputy head of Xuyong County, cannot live up to the trust of the majority of users. With Xu Xianghai, head of the civil products business department of institute 58 of China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Electronics Technology Corporation), Xu Xianghai Wang Qi, engineer of lvzhao center, went to anding village, Huangni town to investigate and guide the work. CETC will install street lamps for anding village free of charge, bringing a "bright project" to the village. Jia Zhi, Secretary of the Party committee of Huangni Town, Wang Yong, member of the organization committee, and the village working team of Anding village and village cadres at the fourth level accompanied the investigation

meeting site

at the symposium, Jia Zhi, Secretary of the town Party committee, warmly welcomed the arrival of the delegation led by Mr. Xu of CETC. The energy used accounted for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. He thanked CETC for bringing the "bright project" to Huangni Town, and reported in detail the poverty eradication of Anding village, relevant landform and climatic conditions. Li Xin, the deputy county magistrate, stressed that the construction of the "bright project" is not only conducive to helping fight poverty and accelerating the pace of poverty eradication, but also brings convenience to the lives of the people and effectively improves people's satisfaction. It is required that the installation of street lamps should be adjusted to local conditions to meet the people's living and travel needs to the greatest extent; During the construction process, township and village cadres should fully cooperate to ensure the smooth progress of the project

after listening to the reports of cadres at the township and village levels, director Xu affirmed the development of basic work in Anding village, and believed that cadres and the masses attached great importance to the poverty alleviation work of using hydraulic universal testing machine for material testing samples of more than 30 tons, and expressed confidence in completing this project; It is required that the installation of the "bright project" should be implemented according to the actual situation such as the terrain and the length of light. It also needs to conduct on-the-spot inspection, further refine the work measures, and give priority to the protection of residential settlements

field inspection

subsequently, Xu and his party also went to Xuwei Road, village group road, falai primary school, etc. to conduct field inspection, study the construction scheme in detail, and prepare for the next step. (courtesy of Yang Anfeng)

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