Development of LF high strength quick drying starc

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Development of LF high-strength quick drying starch adhesive

starch adhesive has been used in the production of corrugated boxes for more than ten years. The main quality problem is that the bonding strength is not high, and the cartons often open; High moisture content makes the drying speed of cartons slow; Poor viscosity stability, easy to produce gel phenomenon. These problems are mainly caused by unreasonable factors in the traditional thermal process. The author has studied the catalytic rapid cooling process. The LF high-strength quick drying starch adhesive has greatly improved its bonding strength, drying speed and storage stability. It can be used in corrugated box production and color box packaging instead of organic adhesive

production process conditions and process design

reaction temperature

generally, the temperature is high and the reaction speed is fast, but the oxidizer H2O2 or NaClO decomposes rapidly when exposed to light and heat, so the cold method is more reasonable than the hot method. Cold production can save energy and reduce equipment investment. Therefore, as long as the disadvantages of the long production cycle of the cold method are solved, it has more advantages than the hot method


one of the ways to solve the long production cycle of the cold process is to add an appropriate amount of inorganic iron salt as catalyst, which can significantly improve the reaction speed between starch and oxidant at room temperature, and reduce the reaction temperature from about 80 ℃ of the thermal process to room temperature

reaction pH value

the practice shows that the oxidation reaction rate of starch under uniform loading is much faster in alkaline solution than in acidic solution, and the stronger the alkalinity is, the faster the rate is. When the type and amount of oxidant are the same, even in the presence of catalyst, the pH value is also a decisive factor for the reaction speed. This is because starch molecules contain a large number of hydroxyl groups (-oh), which are easy to form hydrogen bonds, making oxidation difficult. After adding caustic soda, part of the hydrogen bonds were destroyed, which made the oxidation reaction proceed smoothly. The development focus and product direction of reaction development "1035": at the beginning, the author adjusted the reaction solution to strong alkalinity instead of the traditional ph=9 ~ 11. The reaction took only 1H at room temperature, which was more than 2 times faster than that of thermal production

instead of organic adhesive used in color box production

color box industrial production generally uses organic adhesives such as polyvinyl alcohol or polyvinyl acetate (white emulsion). After Shandong Huaguang Ceramics Group packaging Co., Ltd. uses lf high-strength quick drying starch adhesive instead of organic adhesive, the color box bonding effect is very ideal, the product is flat, does not deform, does not open, and the drying speed is fast, In fact, the relevant detection that the finished rubber parts can be cut after pressing for 20min can not completely refer to the above method. The automatic cutting production line operates normally without a lot of manpower to repair the glue opening color box, and the labor productivity is improved

it can be seen that using lf starch glue instead of organic glue can save nearly one million yuan a year. As the cost of adhesive is greatly reduced, the production cost of color boxes can be reduced and the market competitiveness of enterprises can be improved

lf high strength and quick drying starch adhesive produced by catalytic rapid cooling process has the following characteristics:

(1) lf starch adhesive has large adhesion, fast drying speed and good storage stability; (2) Under normal temperature, the production reaction speed is fast, and the production cycle is only 1H; (3) The process is reasonable, simple and easy to operate, with less equipment investment, energy saving and convenient management; (4) No three wastes pollution during production; (5) Low production cost

at present, this technical achievement has passed the technical appraisal of Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Commission, reached the leading level of similar technologies in China, and won the third prize of Shandong Provincial Science and technology progress award. It is believed that with the rapid development of the packaging industry, the basic methods and technical achievements of the static experimental machine can play a positive role in the technical innovation of starch adhesive

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