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Painted glass has a bright appearance, but it is not waterproof. After long-term outdoor use, it is easy to lose paint and peel due to wind and rain, sun and rain, so it is mostly used for indoor decoration

baking varnish glass is a highly expressive decorative glass. The so-called baking varnish, also known as back paint, is reflected by spraying, roller coating, screen printing or drenching. The paint baking glass sliding door is mainly made by spraying paint on the back of the glass and baking in an oven at 30-45 degrees for 8-12 hours. The following editor will introduce the maintenance of painted glass and the characteristics of painted glass

maintenance of painted glass

1. During the use of painted glass, it is necessary to avoid wiping the door panel surface with an excessively wet rag, because especially in an excessively wet environment, the integrity of the paint film may be damaged, and the paint film may crack

2. During the use of the painted glass, try to avoid hitting the door panel. The hardness of the paint film of the high-quality painted glass panel is about 2h, that is, when a 10 kg weight hits the surface of the door panel, the door panel may have pits, and the paint film of the door panel will not fall off in a large area

3. The paint film of the baking glass panel will change color due to high temperature, and its fire resistance performance is poor, so it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight during use. 6. Cleaning the door panel: during use, it is difficult to avoid lampblack in the kitchen. When there are lampblack and oil stains on the surface of the overall cabinet door panel, you can use detergent to wipe it, and use detergent: water =1:10 clean cotton cloth to wipe it

characteristics of baking varnish glass

1, water resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance

2, use environmental protection paint, health and safety

3, strong adhesion, not easy to fall off

4, excellent anti-skid performance

5, UV resistance, strong color aging resistance

6, strong color selectivity

7, strong weather resistance and structural adhesive compatibility

8, strong pollution resistance, Easy to clean

thickness of painted glass

because the quality of painted glass is relatively large, generally speaking, the thickness can ensure the quality. According to the size of a single piece of glass, its thickness is also different. For example, a larger glass needs to choose a thick size, otherwise the manufacturer can't produce it, or even if it is cold, it is as thin as a piece of paper, which can be broken by blowing, and the safety can't be guaranteed. Generally, the thickness of baking varnish glass is about 10mm, which can be 2-mdash long; 3 meters. Therefore, we also need to pay attention to the size of baking glass

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the maintenance of painted glass and the characteristics of painted glass. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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