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During the National Day golden week, the first domestic trade standard for the home furnishing and home decoration industry, the code for business services in the home furnishing industry (hereinafter referred to as the code), which was officially implemented on September 1, became an important basis for safeguarding rights. The specification clearly stipulates the terms and definitions, general requirements, home sales, home decoration services and other aspects of the home industry, which are applicable to the business services and related management activities of home production, sales and service. When the additional items of decoration companies exceed the budget by 8%, consumers can not "buy"

exceed the budget by 8%

consumers can not "buy"

"the cost of the floor is budgeted at 80000 yuan, and it is found that it is increased to 100000 yuan or more after the decoration is completed. The cost is always increased during the construction process, resulting in the budget greatly exceeding the standard. This is also the way for some" cowardly home decoration "to make money: the budget is very cheap, capturing the hearts of the owners. Once the contract is signed, the construction project will be increased, and the cost will greatly exceed the budget

now, according to the "service specification", if the budget is exceeded by 8%, the home decoration company will "suffer". The "service specification" makes new provisions on this: the budget quotation of the project contract issued should not be omitted or understated in the project items and quantities. If the understated amount exceeds 8% of the contract amount, the excess part shall be borne by the company. Consumers can not "buy" when the additional items of home decoration enterprises exceed the budget by 8%

in addition, "advance compensation" is also one of the highlights of this service specification. In addition to giving feedback to customers' complaints within 24 hours, household enterprises should also implement the advance compensation system, return or compensate customers in time when there are defects or defects in the goods, and still provide customers with corresponding after-sales and maintenance services after the seller leaves the site. This regulation requires stores (malls) to be responsible for customers for a long time, and cannot stop the service after the dealer leaves the market. In this way, compensation in advance will become the standard after-sales configuration of stores, and the situation of unattended after-sales service for consumers will be greatly reduced

market visit

80% of the owners didn't know about it

"I didn't know that such norms were introduced, and home decoration encountered disputes. I really don't know what to do." Mr. Xie, a citizen, told Xiaobian that he seldom paid attention to this information at ordinary times. Even if he encountered a problem, he would only go online to see how the owners who encountered the same problem handled it

not only the home decoration owner, but also the editor visited several decoration companies in the city. Only one company knew that the "home industry business service specification" had been officially implemented for nearly a month

"the introduction of the regulations is a good thing for the norms of the home decoration industry. As a home decoration company, we are also willing to work hard from our own norms." The head of Yezhifeng decoration company said that the home decoration company should be strict with itself. For example, the contract price must be equal to the settlement price, and the construction must be carried out in accordance with relevant regulations




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