Practical home decoration bid farewell to luxury

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◆ good looking open kitchen: in recent years, open kitchen is very popular, especially for young people who seldom cook. The open kitchen can increase the communication and interaction with family members, and it is also very romantic. In particular, it can reflect its high intelligent space use in small houses, showing a good visual effect. It has changed the previous understanding and view of the kitchen, making the kitchen more free and more collaborative. Practical: the open kitchen, which is popular in the west, depends on the specific eating habits in China. Even if the cooking times are not many, the lampblack of Chinese cooking is inevitable. Lampblack will make furniture and other decorations stained with lampblack, which is quite difficult to clean up. In addition, some electrical appliances in the kitchen will produce radiation, which is difficult to avoid in open kitchens. ◆ the walk-in cloakroom is good-looking: use a space in the home to make the cloakroom, which is not completely closed, and is used to store the clothes, shoes, quilts and other items of the whole family, which not only purifies other rooms but also ensures the visual effect, which is more convenient and practical, and reflects the spacious and atmosphere of the house. As shown in the movie, owning a large cloakroom is also the dream of thousands of women! Practical: the biggest impractical point of the walk-in cloakroom is that there is more dust and it is difficult to clean. Most walk-in cloakrooms have no cabinets or doors, and there are all kinds of clothes and supplies of the whole family stacked inside, which is not only easy to accumulate dust and difficult to clean, but also produce poor and messy visual effects. ◆ the super large bathtub looks good: in the bathroom, a large and comfortable bathtub is absolutely eye-catching! Imagine that after a busy and tired day, you can take a petal bath, milk bath, champagne bath in the bathtub &hellip& hellip; Another massage would be great! Taking a bath is really a comfortable and beautiful thing. Just think about it and you'll be moved, won't you? I believe that many consumers buy large bathtubs because of this good wish. Practical: the bathroom is usually limited in area, and our consumers also say that bathing is really a luxury, and there is still no habit of bathing every day in life. Large bathtubs are usually expensive. If the bathtub with massage function is used, the price is naturally higher. Because the bathtub takes up space and is often not used, you don't want your expensive bathtub to be reduced to a fish tank, do you? ◆ good looking Spotlight: as an auxiliary lighting, spotlight has a great effect, which can make the room look more atmosphere, and it is also the effect pursued by young people nowadays. Usually used in the living room, and with the pursuit of home effect, many bedrooms also use spotlights to varying degrees. Different positions, different brightness and different colors create a colorful space for the interior. Practical: the main function of the lamp is lighting, and too many spotlights can not only play the role of lighting, but also cause light pollution. The installation of spotlights not only increases the cost, but also proves that spotlights do not save electricity, and electricity is not a small expense. At the same time, many spotlights also have certain potential safety hazards, which requires you to spend more time and energy on overhaul and maintenance. ◆ nice Carpets: in film and television and various model rooms in reality, the bedroom is often covered with all kinds of carpets, especially the tea table in the living room, the bedside in the living room, etc. all kinds of carpets with unique patterns add effect to the room visually, and also show the warmth and romance of the home. Practical: in our daily life, there are not so many people who use carpets. The most common is the small carpet in front of the door used to hide dirt in our home. Once the carpet is not cleaned or taken care of properly, it is easy to feel corrupt and dirty. The carpet originally used to improve the space effect and warmth will instantly become an ugly place to hide dirt




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