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3G and WiFi are available. Taobao's wireless shopping environment is more mature.

arrive at the company on weekdays and habitually open WiFi to accept wireless networks; Or in the afternoon of non working days, bring your laptop to Starbucks to show the maximum endurance level of the experimental machine, order a cup of coffee and turn on WiFi, which has already become the common work and life mode of office white-collar workers. "If you open a store now, you can't do without WiFi. If you want to gather popularity, you must have WiFi." The owner of a self-supporting coffee shop told me

according to the statistics of WiFi alliance, in the middle of last year, the global WiFi users reached 600million, and the number of devices exceeded 1billion. Most smart, notebook and tablet computers have WLAN functions. At the end of last year, various operators have launched WiFi, extended the 3G front, and surrounded the land for "wireless city". E-commerce data report of Taobao wireless in 2011 (download the full text of the report: the Taobao wireless client data in shows that more and more users use WiFi to access Taobao clients, and the wireless shopping industry environment with customers is becoming more mature.

the popularity of mobile Internet and intelligence, the rapid development of 3G services in China, and the explosive growth of mobile data business, on the one hand, has become the driving force for the surge of various mobile Internet applications, on the other hand, it also tests the carrying capacity of operators' networks. W IFI provides fast and convenient wireless services, so it has been regarded as an effective supplement to 3G network, playing a role of diversion and burden reduction. It has become a standard solution for operators to realize the "seamless connection" of 3g+wlan by cooperating with WLAN deployment while mobile construction

previously, the latest consumer survey data from a market research company showed that Chinese consumers have used WiFi for various activities and showed great interest in WiFi functions. Young white-collar workers aged 26-30 are the most frequent users of WiFi. The Taobao wireless client data in the 2011 e-commerce data report of Taobao wireless shows that more and more users use WiFi to access Taobao clients. 3G and WiFi can be Taobao anytime and anywhere. The wireless shopping industry environment is becoming more mature. The number of high-end mature users represented by white-collar workers with consumption ability and impulse continues to grow. Social environments such as offices and cafes are becoming more and more suitable for mobile shopping. Mobile e-commerce and shopping are entering a period of rapid growth

according to the 2011 e-commerce data report of Taobao wireless, in 2011, the annual turnover of Taobao wireless was nearly 12billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 555%. The transaction volume of Taobao client ushered in explosive growth. The transaction volume accounted for 37% in the fourth quarter. The client is becoming the main entrance to mobile shopping. It is expected that the metal tensile testing machine will account for more than 50% of the total transaction volume of Taobao wireless in 2012 when it is making steel or samples. Mobile e-commerce has become the largest growth sector of mobile Internet

according to iResearch data, the scale of China's mobile Internet market reached 39.3 billion yuan in 2011, a year-on-year increase of 97.5%. The scale of the mobile e-commerce market increased by five times year-on-year, accounting for 29.2% of the overall mobile Internet market, becoming the second largest segment industry. Little bear

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