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The circuitous war of industrial interconnection

therefore, there are some manufacturers who have a full sense of existence through setting up people, brushing traffic and winning awards. In addition, there are also some heavy players who are not in a hurry and get rich quietly

for example, PTC takes the lead in proposing fast connection, fast storage, fast analysis and fast application in the construction of industrial interconnection platform; For example, Haier, cosmoplat platform won the first place in the list of top ten cross industry and cross domain industrial interconnection platforms in 2019 published by the Ministry of industry and information technology; For example, Schneider Electric put forward green intelligent manufacturing in a unique way, which has made great achievements in the fields of industrial manufacturing and intelligent buildings; For example, Foxconn, a light off factory built based on the industrial cloud platform FII cloud, has been piloted in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, etc; For example, Huawei positions fusionplant as a black land in the field of industrial interconnection and takes Huawei cloud EI as its core weapon. In short, each has its own playing methods and characteristics

when talking about the market environment and competitive strategy of industrial interconnection platforms, Xie Haiqin, CTO of Haier cosmoplat industrial interconnection platform, said that there are hundreds of industrial interconnection platforms in China, indicating that the demand in this market is relatively strong. Haier cosmoplat empowers 15 vertical industries. When we integrate, research and develop or cooperate to develop some industry solutions, we usually cooperate with enterprises with characteristics in this industry; Or, based on their own experience and ability, the other party can just cut into a special angle

however, according to Pang Xingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of industrial automation business in China, the market competition does not depend on how many platforms will develop in the future, or how many platforms will be introduced and left. More importantly, in every industrial scenario, whoever can really bring value to users and solve the problems of users may survive

compared with Haier's detailed planning for the empowerment of industrial interconnection platform, its platform technical architecture adopts five-tier design and the way that the parent platform and sub platform are nested with each other, Schneider Electric seems to be light. According to Lei Feng, ecostruxure is mainly divided into three layers. In the future, the upgrading of ecostruxure platform technology and functions will mainly focus on the four major markets of housing, infrastructure, data center and industry, as well as the six major professional fields of buildings, factories and machines, and constantly iterate technology in each subdivided field

no matter the manufacturers with deep background, heavy it or ot genes, or the manufacturers with distinctive characteristics and outstanding advantages, most of them have their own set of "combination fist" to deal with the market environment of hundreds of industrial Internet platforms in a leisurely manner, and it has always been a difficult question about who will win the final victory. Compared with many active industrial Internet platform manufacturers, some manufacturers are much more low-key

recently, he Chunsheng, executive director of Advantech, gave the answer to the question with his sharp observation. In my opinion, there are three types of enterprises doing industrial interconnection. One is enterprises from the cloud, such as Alibaba, Huawei, Microsoft, etc; The second category is enterprises that do hardware from the bottom, such as Advantech; The third category is from the middle, mainly OEM enterprises, such as Foxconn. He Chunsheng believes that for these enterprises that make industrial interconnection platforms, I am more optimistic about industrial interconnection manufacturers from hardware. I think these enterprises will eventually be winners rather than manufacturers from the cloud

in addition, he Chunsheng explained the strategic deployment and enabling path of Advantech industrial interconnection, as well as some of his observations on the industry. In Lei Feng's view, compared with the fast and ruthless tactics of other industrial Internet platform manufacturers, the strategic deployment of Advantech industrial Internet platform is more like a circuitous strategy, avoiding its edge and seeking wider penetration

the choice of a hardware manufacturer

as mentioned earlier, enterprises engaged in industrial interconnection can be divided into enterprises from the cloud, enterprises engaged in hardware from the bottom, and OEM enterprises killed from the middle. He Chunsheng believes that the second category of enterprises is likely to be the final winner


we mentioned the different origins of Enterprises above. Let's start with the self positioning of enterprises

at present, many traditional industrial technology solution enterprises have released their own industrial interconnection platforms, such as Siemens, Haier, Shugen interconnection, Huawei, Alibaba, aerospace cloud, Baoxin, Inspur, Ziguang, etc; In addition, there are also large manufacturing enterprises incubating independent operating companies focusing on platform operation, such as Foxconn, XCMG, TCL, Zoomlion, etc

however, some people believe that it is impossible for manufacturing enterprises to build industrial interconnection platform in business logic, mainly considering that manufacturing enterprises cannot selflessly and unreservedly share their accumulated advanced experience with their competitors. At the same time, it is difficult for their competitors to join this platform with confidence. Lei Feng learned through exchanges with a number of industry insiders that such concerns do exist

he Chunsheng said that Advantech does not regard itself as a manufacturing enterprise. In fact, we are a technical service provider, and our products are just our enabling tools, so we don't have this problem. Every enterprise has its own unique know-how, which others can't take away. After we understand the pain points of customers, we have designed some software, middle console, industrial app, etc. to provide customers, so that they can easily import the whole aiot or industrial interconnection. Because the final know how is in the hands of customers, and our know how customers may not be able to fully apply it, and our know how may not be the best

for example, if customers need to connect machines, we can use our software to collect the data of your injection molding machine, stamping machine and SMT (surface mount). As for how to read the data, for example, when the customer's OEE (comprehensive equipment efficiency) comes out, how to interpret each enterprise? Advantech can't replace them. It can only inform the customer of the operation status of its machine and remind him to take corresponding countermeasures

in addition, Lei Feng learned that Advantech's wise PAAS industrial IOT cloud platform is not sold separately, but mainly serves customers together with its hardware equipment. Wise PAAS mostly adopts the way of sharing economy. It can be used together with hardware at a lower cost

the four-step strategy of industrial interconnection

the application scenarios of industrial enterprises often vary greatly, and the problem of fragmented application is more prominent

unlike consumer apps, an industrial app can cover many people after it comes out. For example, in the relatively simple case of taking a taxi, it will involve common links such as car selection, route determination and payment

if you go to the industrial site, there may be many judgments to be made, and the process will be more complex. For example, designing a drawing with an industrial app may require two or three steps to be judged together. At this time, the actual situation of different industrial enterprises may be different. It is difficult for the same product to be widely applicable to other industrial users

therefore, when building industrial apps, how to deal with the problems of commonality and differentiation of scenes and how many industrial apps to do have always been difficult for professionals

however, in the current industrial interconnection circle, manufacturers such as Advantech, which solve the application dilemma of industrial IOT fragmentation by developing many industrial apps and put forward new concepts such as "de coupling" and "re factoring" of industrial interconnection platform, are still pioneering

not long ago, that is, at the global partnership meeting of Advantech industrial IOT held in Linkou, Taiwan in early December, Advantech officially announced that in the face of the extremely fragmented application dilemma of industrial IOT, Advantech solved the existing challenges by developing industrial apps for industrial applications, and "decoupled" and "reconstructed" the wise PAAS platform, Modularization and microservices make it easier for domain focused solution integrator (DFSI) to capture and use functional modules. After that, we can further develop a complete industry service scheme with CO creation

in addition, Advantech also announced its overall development strategy of industrial interconnection. Lei Feng learned that its industrial interconnection strategy is divided into four stages, namely:

the first step. Since 2014, this is the creation stage of wise PAAS, mainly to form an industrial PAAS platform

the second step, starting from 2019, is mainly the "decoupling" and "Reconstruction" of wise PAAS platform to create many industrial apps. Its strategic policy includes three strategic directions: locking the vertical market, improving product technology momentum, integrating with innovation trends, improving operation and introducing wise PAAS marketplace 2.0, and strengthening partners' in-depth links and joint creative thinking exchanges

wise PAAS marketplace 2.0 includes: edge function module (P), common app, industry app, domain focused app, AI module, consulting service, education and training

the third step is to make wise PAAS better communicate with external applications, exchange information, and improve applications, micro services and analysis modules; "Create" industrial ecology and realize cross platform sharing

Step 4: finally achieve innovation driven growth. Through the innovation of integrators, many innovative solutions have been formed rapidly

or need high technology to repair the board

nowadays, Advantech's industrial interconnection deployment is in the second step. Its theme is the "decoupling" and "Reconstruction" of wise PAAS platform. So how many industrial apps does Advantech need to do to cover such fragmented industrial scenes

we are now in the stage of crossing the river by feeling the stone. He Chunsheng continued to add that when each industrial app is used by customers, if they feed back some information to us, we will constantly optimize our industrial app according to the specific situation and actual scene. Finally, some apps may be disassembled or merged, so this depends on the effect of customers after use, And do further verification

Advantech is the first enterprise to put forward such a strategic thinking, which is also an innovative business model. In the process of implementation, we may be very fast or slow, and even we may have to go through some amendments, such as how much each app costs and how to split it with contributors. We haven't started to discuss these details

when talking about when the deployment of Advantech industrial interconnection can enter the third step, Lei Feng learned that by about 2030, Advantech's "decoupling" and "Reconstruction" can be basically finalized, and slowly transition to the stage of external interoperability and exchange

seek greater penetration

nowadays, many industrial interconnection platforms are general-purpose, which can empower multiple industries at the same time. Especially in the fierce market environment of hundreds of platform manufacturers, how can they successfully qualify and maintain their competitiveness

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